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musicdude 19-08-2009 12:16

The last cd(s) you bought (Merged)
Kinda like the what last movie did you see but this time the last cd's you got

I just purchased Little boots and the noisette's album. They are both going for about 5-6 quid on amazon. Good bargain.

Superstoked 19-08-2009 12:19

La Roux

.Mimi. 19-08-2009 12:23

Lily Allen (both albums)

neon tiger 19-08-2009 12:35

Morrissey- You are the Quarry
I usually download music but this was £3!!

xButterflyWingx 19-08-2009 12:36

Bought Frankmusic, Calvin Harris and Tinchy Stryders albums yesterday. I've yet to listen to them yet though.

IndieLove92 19-08-2009 13:29

Shearwater's 2007 album 'Palo Santo: Expanded Edition' from Amazon. Haven't got it yet, but I've listened to some of it on Spotify and it is BEAUTIFUL.

It'll take a lot to beat their last album 'Rook', though. God, I love that record.

MikePJB 19-08-2009 16:50

Black Eyed Peas - The E.N.D

Wicked album.

Neighbours_Fan 19-08-2009 17:08

Either Beyoncé's I Am or Mariah's E=MC2

cnbcwatcher 19-08-2009 17:37

I usually download music from ITUNES but the last CD I bought was The Saturdays' latest single "Work".

glyn9799 19-08-2009 17:57

Calvin Harris

Taz93 19-08-2009 18:07

Beyonce I am and Jordin Sparks Battlefield.

musicdude 19-08-2009 18:57


Originally Posted by cnbcwatcher (Post 34814694)
I usually download music from ITUNES but the last CD I bought was The Saturdays' latest single "Work".

Well your still buying it, your just only owning the music files, not the actual album it's self.

JoeNDM 19-08-2009 19:30

I downloaded Frankmusik's album but bought on CD Overtones by Just Jack and Girls Alouds first 4 albums dirt cheap from Zoverstock on Amazon.

Superstoked 19-08-2009 19:39


Originally Posted by glyn9799 (Post 34815110)
Calvin Harris

I want that, is it any good?

glyn9799 19-08-2009 20:23


Originally Posted by Superstoked (Post 34817600)
I want that, is it any good?

Ummmm. It's OK. Some of the tracks are brilliant (the 3 singles, Worst Day, Blue) but there is a fair bit of filler. I've only listened too it a few times thuogh so hopefully other tracks will grow on me in time :)

Jordan_Gall 19-08-2009 20:49

Paolo Nutini - Sunny Side Up

Ethereal 19-08-2009 20:54

Jordin Sparks's Battlefield album and I've pre-ordered Pixie Lott's Turn It Up. :)

bubbsy 19-08-2009 20:57

A-ha : Foot of the Mountain. 'tis good. :D

Cake_Nibbler 19-08-2009 20:58

Maps - We can Create
Florence + the Machine - Lungs
Black Eyed Pea - The E.N.D
Cat Power - You Are Free

Poplar 19-08-2009 21:16

Now 73 and The Best of The Fifth Dimension.

Coen 20-08-2009 00:19

"XX" by The XX.

bowland37 20-08-2009 00:44

Toys Soundtrack

Simi89 20-08-2009 00:53

The Essential Collection - Michael Jackson, High School Musical 3 and Fearless- Taylor Swift.

f_196 20-08-2009 01:37

Pendulum - Live At Brixton Academy and Kissy Sell Out - Youth

BigBHM 20-08-2009 01:49

The Cosmos Rocks by Queen + Paul Rodgers - and bloody good it is too.

(Who? What? I hear you say LMAO)

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