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D.M.N. 23-02-2010 19:05

BBC receive complaints after Tiger Woods coverage of 19th February


BBC News at Six and Ten, BBC One, 19 February 2010
Publication date: 23 February 2010


We received complaints that these bulletins led with the story of Tiger Woods' public apology following revelations about his private life.

The BBC's response

As the first sports personality to become a billionaire, Tiger Woods is a colossal figure in the sporting world and therefore of huge interest to many people. His highly unusual apology after his very public fall from grace is therefore, in our opinion, a big news story that warrants a prominent place in our bulletins. On that particular day we did not feel there was another story with bigger news impact. The public interest is illustrated by our website statistics, where the Tiger Woods story was the most read item with more than a million readers.

linkinpark875 23-02-2010 21:46


It's about time they seen the majority couldn't care about all this Celebrity news. Leave them to get on with it.

Tassium 23-02-2010 23:15

The real reason is an unhealthy interest in american life and celebrities, the BBCs rational for the coverage is of course total nonsense.

The public have a far greater interest in Cheryl Cole, so she is first item in the news yes?

This is how it works:

Desire to cover Tiger Woods apology for reasons unconnected with it's news relevance.
After the fact, find certain unusual aspects of Tiger Woods life.
Use those facts to justify the coverage even though they provide no actual justification for BBC News coverage.

It's the Chewbacca defence. It really is.

epsom 23-02-2010 23:24

Cheryl Cole = z list celebrity nobody

Tiger Woods = a list celebrity & world best golfer!

Tassium 23-02-2010 23:29

Yes, that is true (Chewbacca alert). But the BBC gave as justification Tiger Woods "popularity".

fi~ 24-02-2010 07:49

thing is they werent doing anything any other news bulletin done

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