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Albion1984 01-12-2011 17:47

Bands/musicians as food puns (just for fun)

Scone roses
Ian brownie
Bread zeppelin
Juliet and the twix
Jelly babyshambles

AdzPower 01-12-2011 18:21

The Peach boys
Macaroon 5

Lol thats all i got so far.

constantlywired 01-12-2011 20:53

Diana Snickers
Damien Ricecakes
Sam Cookie
30 seconds to mars bars
Mumford and buns
Britney beer

Albion1984 01-12-2011 21:07

Damon Allbran
Bon Bon Jovi
Fleetwood Mac and Cheese
Bob Barley
Motley Stew
Buns n Roses
Linkin Pork

nekosan33 01-12-2011 22:19

Fleetwood MacCheese-burger
smashing pumpkins (wait they're already food)
smashing potatoes
fiona apple (**** I did it again)
The Smores
... and... I gotta get back to work..

mrkite77 01-12-2011 23:24

Chimi Hendrix
Depeche a la Mode
Pork Chop Boys
Faith No Smore
The Cristal Method

bodderz 02-12-2011 05:24

Rick Pasty

Albion1984 02-12-2011 12:11

British Tea Power
Spinal Bap
Wu Tang Clam

Terrence Chant 02-12-2011 14:16

Salmon Dave
Codley & Bream
Jamie Callumari
Sole II Sole
Simply Rudd
Dacey Lee
Hakespear's Sister
Squid Roe

All very fishy :S

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