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nicmars 06-10-2012 16:07

Who is more beautiful of the two? Beyonce or Rihanna?!
Beyonce and Rihanna together
Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3

Glamorous Rihanna
Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3

Glamorous Beyonce
Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3

Without or little make up
Rihanna 1
Rihanna 2
Rihanna 3

Beyonce 1
Beyonce 2
Beyonce 3

grimtales1 06-10-2012 16:11

Beyonce for me - she looks amazing, and still looks great in "no make up" pics 2 and 3 :)
Not saying Rhianna is ugly or anything :)

Unigal07 06-10-2012 16:18

Both attractive women, but Beyonce just has "it". So beautiful.

Lilaeth 06-10-2012 16:19

Charlize Theron!

kimotag 06-10-2012 17:02

I think Rhianna has the better face, but Beyonce has the curves and is just sexier imo.

Julie_Evans 06-10-2012 17:37

There is no contest, Beyonce, every time. I don't think Rhianna is beautiful, at all.

Jerrica09 06-10-2012 17:51

What is it about the human psyche that we feel compelled to pair women off then compare them?

darkjedimaster 06-10-2012 17:55

They are both beautiful, however if Alicia Keys was added into the poll, then she would come first. :D

Big Boy Barry 06-10-2012 18:02


Beyonce's arse is too big.

guffybear 06-10-2012 18:50

Bouncey only appeals to men who like lard butts and women who are in a similar position as it makes them feel better about being overweight

Dan Fortesque 06-10-2012 18:55

Both the same.

CRM 06-10-2012 19:06

What? Rihanna's slightly above average looking. Beyonce's got a beautiful face, great figure, and is a a superb vocalist with loads of charisma. Rihanna sounds like a cat on Mogadon being raped.

whatever54 06-10-2012 19:19

Beyonce by far, Rhiannas face reminds me of a cartoon duck, not quite sure why:o

CRM 06-10-2012 19:25

I'll have nightmares tonight over that Rihanna 1 with no make-up picture.

c0bo 06-10-2012 19:30

Even though Riri is a beautiful girl, I would say Beyonce because she is flawless.

Harry Redknapp 06-10-2012 20:08


grimtales1 06-10-2012 20:25

Rhianna is nice too for sure, but Beyonce is more beautiful, IMO. In the no make up pics Rhianna looks rather plain but Beyonce is so beautiful :)

Vodka_Drinka 06-10-2012 20:51

Is this a wind up? It's like comparing a skoda to a rolls royce:eek:

nicmars 06-10-2012 23:45


Originally Posted by Vodka_Drinka (Post 61526474)
Is this a wind up? It's like comparing a skoda to a rolls royce:eek:

Who is the Skoda and who is the Rolls Royce? :D

brumilad 07-10-2012 00:38

They both are but in different ways.

Beyonce is very beautiful but in a generic way.

Rihanna however has strong, striking features... she has what you call 'a face'.

I probably say Beyonce is more beautiful but Rihanna's beauty is far more interesting.

exlordlucan 07-10-2012 02:01

There should be a 'neither' option.

cylob49 07-10-2012 10:13

Rihanna has the face of a Dwarf on a tall body. That forehead is massive too.

ladymoanalot 07-10-2012 10:37

I think they are both about the same. Rhianna has a more edgy contemporary look to her whilst Beyonces look is softer.

Vodka_Drinka 07-10-2012 12:31


Originally Posted by nicmars (Post 61533371)
Who is the Skoda and who is the Rolls Royce? :D

Well put it this way, if Rhianna was just some random and you walked passed her in the street you'd not even give her a sideways glance. She's very ordinary looking, almost even hard faced. Beyonce on the other hand is a classic beauty.

Delboy219 07-10-2012 15:48

Hmm, let me think..

I'm voting Beyonce. 100%. Gorgeous woman beats hard faced slapper any day of the week.

FYI, that funny looking picture of Rihanna was HARD to find, and it's on a Digital Spy story. Which proves they go OUT OF THEIR WAY to find hideous pictures of people.

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