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Zapomatic 08-10-2012 23:45

Cineworld Unlimited Refer A Friend - 1 month free (referral code thread)
Thought I'd start a thread for people to share their Cineworld Unlimited refer a friend codes. Reading the rules it seems to be allowed but won't be too surprised or upset if this thread gets deleted!

Enter my referral code when signing up at to get a month free at the end of your 12 month contract period:


If you sign up, I get a month free too! :)

These codes can only be used 12 times each (mine's already been used once) so other people might want to post their code as well.

Lukeh20 11-10-2012 22:26

Here's mine! I've had none yet :( so please use mine so we get a free month each



Whippet2004 12-10-2012 10:09

I've just joined and used a code I'd found online, it's a great way to join as we both get a free month!

Please use my code, pretty please :D


MTUK1 12-10-2012 10:54

I sense a nice long DS holiday coming for you all!!! Lol.

Zapomatic 14-10-2012 01:47


Originally Posted by MTUK1 (Post 61635349)
I sense a nice long DS holiday coming for you all!!! Lol.

I think it would be objectionable if people started spamming codes into other topics but surely here it's helping out anyone who is thinking of getting a card?

philly_88 02-12-2012 15:43

Hi, I would be really grateful if you would sign up with my referral code:


If you apply for an Unlimited membership and enter this code on the 'Promotional codes and gift cards' section on the Payment screen you and I will both receive 1 months free Unlimited membership.

Thanks! :)

JasonWatkins 02-12-2012 22:02

Just rub in the fact I don't live near enough to a Cineworld to get a card why don't you ? :)

MTUK1 02-12-2012 22:05


Originally Posted by JasonWatkins (Post 62733902)
Just rub in the fact I don't live near enough to a Cineworld to get a card why don't you ? :)

:yawn: As you've told us many times before on various threads. :D

JasonWatkins 02-12-2012 22:11


Originally Posted by MTUK1 (Post 62734011)
:yawn: As you've told us many times before on various threads. :D

Hey, my hatred of Unlimited Card Holders knows no bounds. I will hunt you across time and space. All of you ;)

WildcatAndy 05-12-2012 13:19

For your consideration.

Using the following code in the 'Promotional codes and gift cards' section will get us both a months free subscription to the excellant cineworld unlimited service.


Many Thanks

mwdh 30-12-2012 12:23

Hey guys,

Would be grateful if you would consider my code when signing up to Cineworld's Unlimited Card. It's a great deal even if you don't go too often.

Just paste the code RAF-56CK-70VC-40AE-31QY into the payment section and we both earn ourselves an extra month FREE.

Thanks and enjoy!!

Ashley_Wilkinso 03-01-2013 01:13

Get a month free when you sign up
Enter this code at the check out, At promo codes

I have 2 Unlimited 'Recommend a Friend' promo codes



Lvm2013 03-01-2013 21:34

Hi thanks guys I have signed up.

If anyone would like to use my code that would be fab! :D


Eloise_Street 05-01-2013 23:09

My whole family recently bought unlimited tickets and used recommend a friend codes we found on here so I thought I'd add mine too in the hope that someone would use mine :)


We both get a free month, awesome!

scofield 06-01-2013 19:11

Hello new friends!

Lvm2013 06-01-2013 20:12


Originally Posted by scofield (Post 63399663)
Hello new friends!

Hi :)

I've been around here for a while but finally registered.

Zapomatic 13-01-2013 19:51

Just to say, all 12 of my codes for the year have been claimed. A whole year of free films! Thanks guys!

MTUK1 14-01-2013 01:00

Hi All! If anyone wants a month free, you can use my code if you like! RAF-19JL-66ZJ-48DB-15WN

Thanks in advance.

GARETH197901 14-01-2013 13:27

may as well throw mine up as well,cant do any harm


anyone thinking of joining up feel free to use it

the_muff 14-01-2013 15:00

Feel free to use my code aswell :)


Tremse 14-01-2013 19:43

I'd forgotten all about this 'Refer a friend' promotional thing!
There are 12 opportunities to use this code:


Anyone thinking of joining Cineworld Unlimited, you may as well get a free month.
I'm into my 6th year with my Unlimited Pass and its the best thing I ever signed up for.

Whippet2004 16-01-2013 20:15

Sadly my card still has loads of 'uses' left, please somebody use my code, we both get a month free :D


aboutaboyo 21-01-2013 19:41

Getting a Cineworld Unlimited Card? Use a refer a friend code for a free month!
Getting a Cineworld Unlimited Card? My wife and I got cards recently. Here are our refer a friend codes...

Use either one of these codes:


tellybutterfly 24-01-2013 14:23

Refer a Friend Code-Cineworld

If you are thinking of getting a cineworld unlimited card and would like 1 month free at the end of your year please use this code below


We will both get one month free :)


Stephen_Thomas 02-02-2013 00:16

I would be over the moon if even only 1 person used my code.

It is well worth joining, in the last few weeks I've watched some fantastic films such as Zero Dark Thirty, Django Unchained, and Flight.



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