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conchie 27-10-2012 23:23

Bernie Nolan - cancer return
Oh Dear... very sad to see on the front of one of the Sundays on Sky news that Bernie Nolan says her cancer has returned, that its incurable but she will never give up.

Love Bernie....great character, so unfortunate to read this.

Betty Britain 27-10-2012 23:32

Such sad news.. Cancer is such a terrible disease...

Penny Crayon 27-10-2012 23:33


Joey Boswell 27-10-2012 23:43

Keep going Bernie you are a battler.

dorahall 28-10-2012 00:04

Oh dear, such sad news for her.

earthling13 28-10-2012 00:10

Oh dear, if it really has spread as described I think 12 years is extremely optimistic. Good luck Bernie.

tinydi 28-10-2012 00:25

Such awful news for Bernie just as she was getting back to full health as well.

Sadly The Nolans farewell tour is to be postponed.

Met Bernie many times and is a lovely person xxx

Hate cancer :mad:

21stCenturyBoy 28-10-2012 00:26

How sad :(

I thought she'd almost recovered from it.

Just a little 1 28-10-2012 00:37

That is so sad :(

DANCE OF DEATH 28-10-2012 00:41

Which Sunday paper is in as I have just checked and the only thing that I have found is about Linda Nolan, but not anything about Bernie.

Isleepinthebuff 28-10-2012 00:43

Awww I feel sad. Sad news for her x

AoibheannRose 28-10-2012 00:43

Very sad news, she's always come across as being a really nice person in any interviews I've seen with her.

riverside 57 28-10-2012 01:39

I really wish Bernie all the best, and hope she lives a happy life in spite of this awful disease.

dorydaryl 28-10-2012 01:41

Oh no! Bernie is my favourite Nolan. A very gutsy lady. She has a young daughter too. How awful. :(

Green Knickers 28-10-2012 01:52

Really rooting for her.Such a shame as she comes across as one of the most down to earth and nicest people in showbiz.

dorydaryl 28-10-2012 01:54

Well, she seems to be focusing on the positives and the 'incurable but treatable' element. I'll get right behind her on that and hope that, with increasingly good interventions, she stays on top of it.

Kopite1763 28-10-2012 01:47

What a brave lady Bernie is!

I have tickets for the farewell tour, but wouldn't mind a jot delaying seeing the sisters in concert, as Bernie deserves time with her family before doing this tour, and she will do it because she is one determined lady.

All the best to Bernie and her family, and keep fighting!!

robertaloud30 28-10-2012 01:52

please tell me this isnt true!!

Goldbear86 28-10-2012 08:23

Sad news. :(

Keyser Soze 28-10-2012 08:27

Stay strong, Bernie. :(

Saltydog1955 28-10-2012 08:54

This is so sad. :(

She's right though, she can't sit around and mope and wants to get on with her life for as long as she's able - good for her. My mum had breast cancer, so all my good wishes go out to her.

Geneve 28-10-2012 09:01

Damn Bernie.... Damn

herejohno 28-10-2012 12:21

I wonder if her cancer spread into the lymph nodes,,, Best of luck Bernie stay strong.

goonernatalie 28-10-2012 12:46

Very sad
All the best and hugs to her and her family

lolly-licker 28-10-2012 12:47

there's nothing that can really be said is there? :(
Such sad news, keep strong Bernie. :( xxx

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