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Tfan26 21-12-2012 21:48

Best ever movie soundtracks?
For me nothing will ever top this:

Absolutely brilliant!

NeverSoShy 21-12-2012 22:34

It think that that's definitely is up there with the best! John Murphy's a fantastic composer.

As an orchestral musician, lots of pieces from the Lord of the Rings are a hell of a lot of fun to play, so this would have to be among my favorites.

Fear of Fours 22-12-2012 10:57

I love John Carpenter's The Fog soundtrack.

Blah123 22-12-2012 19:47

Into the Wild - Eddie Vedder
O Brother Where Art Thou
Cold Mountain

Darthchaffinch 22-12-2012 20:01


meglosmurmurs 23-12-2012 17:12

The Twilight saga.
I know a lot of people who donít watch the films but absolutely love the soundtracks. lol
Carter Burwell's score perfectly captures the dark, brooding atmosphere.
My favourite piece of his:

Plus the soundtracks have introduced me to artists/bands I might not have heard otherwise.
My fave song from each film:
Iron & Wine - Flightless Bird, American Mouth

Lykke Li - Possibility

UNKLE - With You In My Head

Aqualung & Lucy Schwartz - Cold

Christina Perri feat. Steve Kazee - A Thousand Years Part 2
(the song at the end credits that gets everyone emotional that it's all over *sniff sniff*)

Other soundtracks on my ipod:
Billy Elliot
The Craft (amazing!!!)
Kill Bill Vol.1 & 2
Rocky Horror Picture Show
South Park the movie (lol)
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Finny Skeleta 23-12-2012 18:13

Easy Rider
The Wicker Man
Forbidden Planet

Ted Cunterblast 23-12-2012 18:21

Of I had to choose just one...?

Ennio Morricone's Once Upon A time In America.

tasker 23-12-2012 19:45

Not a fan of their music but the Tron soundtrack is damn good
Blade runner is still up there too

TexAveryWolf 23-12-2012 19:59

The Dust Brothers' soundtrack for Fight Club is one I still listen to-disturbing in a chill-out bar way.

And Malcolm Arnolds' Whistle Down the Wind, as well as the brilliance of Flash Harry's Theme from The Belles of St trinians is a fave of mine.

Sniffle774 23-12-2012 20:14

Tron Legacy had a pretty cool soundtrack.

As did The Matrix as I recall...

Eddie Badger 23-12-2012 20:18

The Magnificent Seven - Bernstein
Once Upon a Time in the West - Morricone
Dances With Wolves - Barry
Star Trek: The Motion Picture - Goldsmith
Taxi Driver - Hermman

TWS 23-12-2012 20:21

Top Gun

Johnbee 23-12-2012 20:31

I like the music from Vertigo. I also like the pieces from Leaving Las Vegas, but the album contains lines of dialogue which some people don't like.

When I was a boy, on our record player a lot was the album from Carousel. If I hear it these days it makes me cry.

sinbad8982 23-12-2012 20:41

thelma and louise had a great ost

Rodney McKay 23-12-2012 20:42

The Dish and Good Morning Vietnam for some great 60's music

Theo_Bear 23-12-2012 20:43

The theme from Young Guns.

yorkieUK 23-12-2012 21:01

Very hard to choose really but these particular ones I especially like:

Cinema Paradiso soundtrack

Once Upon a Time in America

The Graduate

Midnight Cowboy

Karis 23-12-2012 21:52

Love Dark City.

ItsRyanYall 24-12-2012 01:20

About A Boy.

JDBaby 24-12-2012 05:02

So many to choose, but here are some in no particular order;

Spirited Away
Wrath of Khan
Out of Africa
Star Trek The Motion Picture
Star Wars 4 to 6

LadyMinerva 24-12-2012 06:44

I like the how to train your dragon particular "forbidden friendship". How the social network soundtrack beat it to an Oscar that year is amazing

sarahj1986 24-12-2012 08:06

Titanic - James Horner is great at creating the atmosphere
Dirty dancing - need I say more!
Bridget Jones Diary - good selection is tunes
The exorcist - tubular bells

Scooterwolf 24-12-2012 08:57


davisa 24-12-2012 11:15

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Brilliant use of silence :)

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