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enudzio 22-12-2012 15:18

Favourite Film of All Time
thought based on the what is the worst film ever thread , that we would start this one , instantly thought of Taken , Star Wars and other films but didnt want to name loads , want to know what you think (you can name more than one)

JordanT91 22-12-2012 15:35

I would have to say Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring. Off the top of the head it's the best film I have ever seen.

JasonWatkins 22-12-2012 15:43


Slowly crept it's way up my all time list with each subsequent watch and earlier this year when I watched it again in HD, I realised that I actually liked it more than my old number 1 - The Truman Show.

meglosmurmurs 22-12-2012 16:01

Kill Bill Vol 1
followed by Rocky Horror Picture Show, Bride of Chucky and Terminator 2.

Gawge 22-12-2012 16:11

The King of Comedy.

Scorsese/De Niro's best in my opinion.

BastardBeaver 22-12-2012 16:12

Dumbo & True Romance.

Sandsss 22-12-2012 16:12

Jurassic Park. Cant wait to go see it in 3D next year.

Fear of Fours 22-12-2012 16:30

The Lost Boys followed by Almost Famous

j22kh 22-12-2012 17:05

My favourite films are Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Back to the Future. If I put the whole list of my favourite films, I would be here all day.

Greyjoy12 22-12-2012 17:32

The extended editions of the LOTR trillogy. Cant just chose one of them, overall it must be the most complete film series I have ever seen. Nearly 12 hours and I never get bored.

Virgil Tracy 22-12-2012 17:37


Originally Posted by BastardBeaver (Post 63127142)
Dumbo & True Romance.

now there's a double bill !

actually I once saw Babe and Trainspotting as a double bill , they work surprisingly well together .

wildphantom! 22-12-2012 18:33

Primal Fear

Kevin1960 22-12-2012 19:12

For many years I've given the same answer to this question: The Sound of Music & The Exorcist. Not anymore though; Life of Pi is my favourite film of all time.

timebug 22-12-2012 19:26

Bill Douglas' 'Comrades' gets my vote! Watched it for years on
poor vhs after it was shown on TV and finally last year it got a DVD release!

Blah123 22-12-2012 19:51

Into the Wild I think takes it for me.

CBFreak 22-12-2012 19:59

The Journey of Natty Gann

sinbad8982 22-12-2012 20:35

Reservoir Dogs, the most influential film of the last twenty odd years for my money

YoungAtHeart 22-12-2012 21:14

It's hard to choose but today, I think it's going to be The Terminator.

Sentenza 22-12-2012 21:16

The good the bad and the ugly.

yorkieUK 22-12-2012 21:23


Just found an "uncut" version of it on Youtube. Well worth a look for anyone who has not seen it before.

EVILSPEAK 22-12-2012 21:28

The Seven Year Itch and Breakfast At Tiffany's, can't pick one over the other, love them both equally.

MC_Satan 22-12-2012 21:31

Blade Runner
Apocalypse Now
On the waterfront

swingaleg 22-12-2012 21:32

Singin' In The Rain
Once Upon A Time in The West

Deserana 12 22-12-2012 22:17

Not sure about single film but The Dark Knight Trilogy is my favourite story ever told. Bruce Wayne's story is phenomenal and each film serves as a beginning, middle and an end.

TheTrader78 22-12-2012 22:36

Back To The Future

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