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methodyguy 27-12-2012 22:58

Who do you think is the sexiest male of all time?
Be interesting to read your views so let's discuss :D

DiamondDoll 27-12-2012 23:09

The one and only fabulous Freddie Mercury.

He is still sorely missed.:(

Loon 28-12-2012 00:17

George Clooney seemingly ticks all the boxes: handsome, humourous, cool, smart and successful. So I'll put him in there

Goaty 28-12-2012 00:19

Goaty :D

CRM 28-12-2012 00:45

Jimmy Savile.

ShellsBluBikini 28-12-2012 00:46

That would be me for sure . . . but I'm too sexy for this thread . . .

Cryolemon 28-12-2012 00:52

James Dean has got to be pretty close. Or maybe someone like Lord Byron.

workhorse 28-12-2012 01:10

A young Sidney Poitier yum yum.

SuperDude95 28-12-2012 01:20

Peter Kay

Stockingfiller 28-12-2012 03:25

If sex had a voice, it would be Benedict Cumberbatch's.

Sexiest male ..another one I mean. Uh....that's a hard one...:cool: Either Professor Brian Cox when he's looking up at the sky and murmuring, " Millions and trillions, billions and billions" or William Shatner as Captain Kirk, smirking and kissing aliens. " Is this what you call love on your planet Captain ? ". " Heheh..yes...but I have to leave, soon".

Mr Teacake 28-12-2012 03:27

Mr Teacake :cool:

Stockingfiller 28-12-2012 03:37

Perhaps you should change your name to crumpet.

LnMidna 28-12-2012 06:32

Alan Rickman. Oh god please.

Makson 28-12-2012 06:43

Willoughby from Sense and Sensibility. No wonder poor Marianne was driven to despair by him.

Stockingfiller 28-12-2012 08:09

Yes. Alan Rickman and Greg Wise. Oh..and James Purefoy.

lolacola 28-12-2012 08:39


Originally Posted by Cryolemon (Post 63216694)
James Dean has got to be pretty close. Or maybe someone like Lord Byron.

James Dean came to my mind the second I saw this thread.

Gloria Fandango 28-12-2012 09:21

Al Pacino.

Sadeyed 28-12-2012 09:30

For me it was the young Franco Nero, and actually he aged pretty nice as well!

Franco Nero

AdelaideGirl 28-12-2012 09:38

Cary Grant, Colin Firth, Hugh Jackman, Viggo Mortensen, I really couldn't pick one.

Walter Neff 28-12-2012 09:46

The young Tyrone Power, and Paul Newman in his prime.

Leightonisme 28-12-2012 19:21

Clearly it's Zachary Quinto. American Horror Story and Heroes clearly show this~

MC_Satan 28-12-2012 20:26

Richard Burton.

bookaddict 28-12-2012 20:28

William Holden, Dominic West or Robert Mitchum.

Daisy Bennyboots 28-12-2012 20:57

Paul Newman.

MC_Satan 28-12-2012 20:59

No Johnny Depp's yet?

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