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Danny_Smith 04-01-2013 20:41

Apartment 143 any good?
I have just seen a trailer for Apartment 143 and it looked like a bit of Paranormal activity and just wondering is it really scary? is it good? :) :D

thats_racist 04-01-2013 20:58

It's OK. A few creepy scenes, the ending is not very good.

The pixelated machine is a bit wtf.....
It's on par with PA in my opinion, I'd give it 6/10

EVILSPEAK 04-01-2013 21:52

Any good? How about it being 9 places above the lowest grossing film in North American box office history with a jaw slackening take of $383. Tells you all you need to know.

Click link and scroll down.

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