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little-monster 16-01-2013 07:47

The Sessions
I saw this movie this morning and I have to put the word out on this film.

It is so lovely and heartwarming with such extraordinary acting. John Hawke is a revelation as Mark, a man who is in an Iron lung and wants to lose his virginity as well as to be loved and cared for.

This is the trailer. I really urge anyone to see this film

little-monster 16-01-2013 11:41

Anyone seen it as well?

Jadelyn09 17-01-2013 03:45

I've seen it and really want to see it again. I loved the cast and John Hawke's performance is brilliant. It's a shame the film hasn't been recognised more during the awards season.

little-monster 17-01-2013 08:15

I agree.

Zapomatic 18-01-2013 02:08

Seeing this on Saturday - trailer looks good!

rachelright 18-01-2013 17:16

I want to see this film too!

Btw if anyones interested I found a video with an interview with the cast about the sex scenes

JasonWatkins 18-01-2013 18:14

Just finished watching it myself actually and loved it. Really nice, sweet and heart warming film.

Helen Hunt and John Hawke were both fantastic.

pete137 18-01-2013 18:25

I saw this a few weeks back and I thought the film was fantastic. Shame it has'nt got the award recognition it deserved. It reminded me of another brilliant film, "Inside Im Dancing (Rory O'Shea Was Here)" which I highly recommend !

Inkblot 19-01-2013 10:44

Saw it yesterday and enjoyed it. There have been some comments in reviews (eg the Evening Standard) that the film takes a few liberties with the facts. On balance I think this does matter as the film is to an extent about the reality of sex rather than the sanitised, glamorous version depicted in most Hollywood films, and inventing/ignoring aspects of Mark's story shouldn't have been necessary.

Excellent acting all round and yes, there should have been more Oscar nominations.

Moe's tavern 24-01-2013 18:27

Agreed there are some nice performances from the two central characters but the core of the film never appears to be anything more than a good made-for-tv flick. With a more experienced director on board, the end result could have been something more substantial.

review here.

degsyhufc 24-01-2013 21:43

Saw some clips of Helen Hunt showing her lady garden.

Actually the scenes did seem quite interesting and I was racking my brains to where i'd seen the guy.

After a quick google I found it was Sol Star from Deadwood.

PJ68 25-01-2013 18:51

saw this today and maybe it's the mood i was in (hungover) but i cried all the way through it. such a touching story about decent people. helen hunt was fantastic.

DeelyBopper 25-01-2013 19:22

As Good As It Gets is one of my fave movies so I watched this not knowing much about it. I was quite unprepared for Helen's muffin I can tell ya. She is a brave lady for sure.

Muff aside, I thought it was a nice film and the acting was phenomenal. Hawkes impresses me more the more I see him.

DeelyBopper 25-01-2013 19:23


Originally Posted by PJ68 (Post 63853848)
saw this today and maybe it's the mood i was in (hungover) but i cried all the way through it. such a touching story about decent people. helen hunt was fantastic.

Fannytastic :D

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