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xxtimbo 19-01-2013 16:12

Spitting Image
Don't know why they ever stopped. . Think the main guy behind it moved off to Australia, but you'd think the idea of using puppets to make satirical and comic sketches would go on, there are endless possiblilities and no exhorbitant fees to pay out to the celebs....
The puppets can make great vids too
go here

ags_rule 19-01-2013 16:44

It was a great show but you're not entirely accurate on the costs.

The cost and logistics of putting on a puppet show is huge. Whenever BBC were getting similar viewing figures for a low-cost production like Have I Got News For You, a financial burden like Spitting Image never stood a chance.

oldhag 19-01-2013 16:54

A great show. One of my favourite songs -

Sad_BB_Addict 19-01-2013 17:05

Another of my favourites

xxtimbo 19-01-2013 17:10

the very first show


xxtimbo 19-01-2013 17:23

Fluck and Law had no television experience, but had for several years constructed plasticine caricatures to illustrate articles in the Sunday Times Magazine.

It seemed to flourish in the 80s when the Maggie and the Tories were in power,

Other musical parodies featured Michael Jackson, Kylie Minogue, The Monkees, Pulp, Brett Anderson of Suede, Pet Shop Boys, Björk, East 17, Elvis Presley, Oasis, ZZ Top, Prince and Barbra Streisand.

Trappedin80's 19-01-2013 17:27


Originally Posted by oldhag (Post 63687989)
A great show. One of my favourite songs -

You beat me to it.

Trappedin80's 19-01-2013 17:30

My favourite ever episode was The Oscars special in 1987 ( I think it was '87 ).


xxtimbo 20-01-2013 01:19


Originally Posted by Trappedin80's (Post 63688806)
My favourite ever episode was The Oscars special in 1987 ( I think it was '87 ).


a link would help

Lucidia2011 20-01-2013 02:29


Originally Posted by xxtimbo (Post 63701473)
a link would help

xxtimbo 20-01-2013 15:40

They had an array of political figures, celebs, movie stars
they had the sets.... after 14 years they had a great set up, yet
they gave it all up, auctioned all the puppets and that was it .

They could have gone on to more productions, advertising, pop videos,
TV specials. I just dont understand why they packed it all in.

Steve9214 20-01-2013 16:12

Spitting Image had had it's day.

In 1994 Central was taken over by Carlton after the ITV franchise carve-up of 1992.
In 1995 Spitting Image production was axed, with last episodes airing Jan 1996.
Anyone putting these two facts together is a obviously a trouble-maker and an anti- ITV conspiracy theorist. !!

Most of the original writers and Impressionists had left.
Plus Blair had just got elected Labour leader, and at that point was un-satirisable due to the unpopularity of the Tories.


darkjedimaster 20-01-2013 16:16

Great series poking fun at politicians, celebrities & the royal clan. I would love for it to come back & insult the likes of Cameron, pregnant Kate & other overrated people.

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