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MayfairBlue 19-01-2013 20:30

Take Me Out - Sat - 19th!
Let is roll :)

Mandark 19-01-2013 20:34

Ok new thread! Let's watch the bimbos rule!! :D

Big Boy Barry 19-01-2013 20:37

Posh boy

MayfairBlue 19-01-2013 20:37

80s music, I'm happy:)

MayfairBlue 19-01-2013 20:38

Spandau Ballet!

Mandark 19-01-2013 20:38


Originally Posted by Big Boy Barry (Post 63693720)
Posh boy

Yeah, toff! Some girls will sniff money!! :D

MayfairBlue 19-01-2013 20:38

Chloe - get lost!!!!!

MayfairBlue 19-01-2013 20:39

Lot's of Liverpool Lasses :)

demfe 19-01-2013 20:39

my gaydar has gone into overdrive....

Big Boy Barry 19-01-2013 20:40

He's too good for these ladettes.

TheWayItIs 19-01-2013 20:40

He's a bit too educated for that lot.

Mandark 19-01-2013 20:40

Crikey, talk about class divide!!

TheWayItIs 19-01-2013 20:41

This bloke shouold be on Take One Out.

Karis 19-01-2013 20:41

Oh dear god, this guy is looking for someone sophisticated... He's in book shops looking for classics, and he's on the wrong show if he wants anything other than cheap and tacky.

Replace classic novels with tattered and stained copies of Playboy...

Big Boy Barry 19-01-2013 20:42

This is the first time where I've wanted all the lights to go out....for the sake of the guy!

Mandark 19-01-2013 20:42


Originally Posted by demfe (Post 63693788)
my gaydar has gone into overdrive....

Yeah, well boarding school and all that!! :D

MayfairBlue 19-01-2013 20:42

Lol, it's a history lesson :D

Vodka_Drinka 19-01-2013 20:42

How shallow are these girls?

Miss XYZ 19-01-2013 20:42

He looks a bit like a blonde version of Matt Smith (Doctor Who).

Karis 19-01-2013 20:42


Originally Posted by Vodka_Drinka (Post 63693853)
How shallow are these girls?

Put it this way: molecules couldn't drown in them...

MayfairBlue 19-01-2013 20:43

Why are these girls so put off by posh?! - Jeez - raise your game!!

Big Boy Barry 19-01-2013 20:43

He dodged a bullet there.

MayfairBlue 19-01-2013 20:43

He never pulled - ah well.

tinkie 19-01-2013 20:44

Why the hell did he go on this show :confused:

Big Boy Barry 19-01-2013 20:45

These kind of girls want an Essex man, fake tan, white teeth, who might be able to get them a reality show.

Blonde Edward Cullen had no chance.

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