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minigocko 22-01-2013 20:49

What Was The First CD You Ever Bought?
Mine was Nellys song My Place

Verence 22-01-2013 20:53

Ancient Heart by Tanita Tikaram

Coincedentally the most recent CD I bought was Tanita's latest album, Can't Go Back

Bluray 22-01-2013 20:55

Anywayawanna by The Beatmasters

misslibertine 22-01-2013 21:27

It wasn't the first single I bought, but I believe the first CD was Sometimes by Britney Spears :o

eugenespeed 22-01-2013 21:49

Levellers - Zeitgeist

Makson 22-01-2013 21:51

Love fool - The Cardigans

Hutchy_Muse 22-01-2013 23:39

Muse-Origin of Symmetry and Editors- An End Has A Start.

Both bought at the same time :p

Hav_mor91 22-01-2013 23:52

Well first CD recieved was Spice-Girls Spice Up Your Life and album Eternal- Greatest Hits :o

But bought for myself i think it was Steps- Say Youll Be Mine/Better The Devil You Know or Christina Aguilera- Genie In a Bottle and album Steps- 7 (my tatses have vastly improved since 1999/2000 :D)

But in saying that are we counting Cassestes in which case Britney Spears- ...Baby One More Time both album and single or Martine McCutucheon I'm over you for single TBH i'm not quite sure 1999 was a while ago :D

cnbcwatcher 22-01-2013 23:54

First single - S Club 7 - Bring It All Back
First album - Aqua - Aquarium

Don't worry, I have better tastes now :D

paulbax 23-01-2013 00:02

I think it was "Baby One More Time.." by Britney when I was very young. Oh dear... :D

acker 23-01-2013 00:07

Im old, the first CD I ever bought was a record.

paulbax 23-01-2013 00:15


Originally Posted by acker (Post 63786067)
Im old, the first CD I ever bought was a record.

I wish! I'm 18 but hate current music. 90% of what I listen to is from the 80s/90s! :D

paltonz 23-01-2013 00:16

Aqua - Aquarium.

So 3008 23-01-2013 00:24

Rihanna - Good Girl Gone Bad (2007) was the first album I brought for myself.

Sam Solitude 23-01-2013 00:25

Roxy Music - Street Life (Greatest Hits)

CLL Dodge 23-01-2013 00:39

Mahler: Das Lied von der Erde ~ Karajan & Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra on DG. 20/06/1991

First rock album was Bauhaus: Singles 1981-1983 on Beggars Banquet 22/06/1991

rfonzo 23-01-2013 00:43

The Verve- Urban Hymns.

tangsman 23-01-2013 00:53

The Circus - Erasure (Tesco Dundee 1987)!

ItsRyanYall 23-01-2013 00:55

S Club 7 - Bring It All Back

Northcroft 23-01-2013 00:58

Record was Adam&the Ants
CD probably Graceland by Paul Simon in 87

chrisqc 23-01-2013 01:27

first cd was Make it Big by wham in 1984

saintsebastien1 23-01-2013 01:34


Originally Posted by minigocko (Post 63778704)
Mine was Nellys song My Place

That's funny because yesterday I was sorting out a load of my old CDs and that single was one of them I came across! :P

saintsebastien1 23-01-2013 01:35

Barbie Girl by Aqua :/

Lynn1503 23-01-2013 05:00

Erasure. - the innocents

Souffle Girl 23-01-2013 05:26

Eternal - Greatest Hits

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