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downtonfan 25-01-2013 16:02

Jessica Chastain - Perfection
Normally, I can't stand the Daily Mail's constant fawning over a celebrity but this lady is a truly perfect individual. And not because she has shiny red hair and looks like a modern day Rita Hayworth. This week alone in the DM, I've seen her hug her fans outside the theater she is performing at, sign all the autographs for people stood outside in the cold and today she was shown signing to a deaf fan who had waited to see her.

Next she will cure Aids and world hunger.

Moonbean 25-01-2013 17:12

I liked her in 'The Help' and 'Lawless', she's a good actress.

loveloveX 25-01-2013 17:37

I liked her when she first hit the screen a lot, but I find myself getting annoyed by her now or maybe it's the medias over the top saccharine portrayal of her now.

Goaty 25-01-2013 17:41

Awww bless Jessica, as I am Deaf myself, it is very sweet.

downtonfan 25-01-2013 18:17


Originally Posted by Moonbean (Post 63851399)
I liked her in 'The Help' and 'Lawless', she's a good actress.

I loved her in The Help she was utterly adorable.

samwalk 25-01-2013 22:42

Oh dear, it can't last.

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