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royllsroyce 25-01-2013 16:34

Does anyone remember seeing these in the cinema?

Bluray 25-01-2013 16:55

Yes I remember them.

The voice on the Odeon guy in the second video (about 5.00) used to really annoy me. The Dolby Digital ad to be on laserdiscs too.

grimtales1 25-01-2013 17:25

I remember the Kia Ora ad, how curtains used to open at the cinema.

"I'll be your dog, I'll be your dog... woof woof..." :cool:

ironjade 25-01-2013 18:15

"Auntie Beryl . . . if you're drinking Bacardi".:)

Old.Tallen 25-01-2013 18:43

Those damn Bicardi ad's were always way too loud.

My local cinema still had an area for the orchestra until quite recently :)

Takae 25-01-2013 18:46

I hadn't seen that particular ad, but saw similar 'no smoking' warnings. I used to wonder how a cigarette burnt up so fast. :o

gemma-the-husky 25-01-2013 18:57

kia-ora and um-bongo were great adverts

Alvar Hanso 25-01-2013 19:22

Karis 25-01-2013 19:42

Celluloid Screams in Sheffield did a half hour just of adverts from the 80s at the end of last year (plus ads, etc). It was brilliant. Would love to sit through a movie's worth of them... and then go home and watch all the movies :)

I used to love all those 70s/80s things including the Pearl*and Dean advert...


grimtales1 25-01-2013 19:44


Originally Posted by gemma-the-husky (Post 63853996)
kia-ora and um-bongo were great adverts

Um Bongo Um Bongo they drink in the congo :D

Scubamonkey 26-01-2013 09:54

I'll be your dog.....

Scubamonkey 26-01-2013 09:56

That said - My fave was always "Hey Crusader... Have you any nuts?"

Fizzbin 26-01-2013 23:18

Remember most of those clips - some voiced by Michael Aspel.

Favourite ad was this - it looked so good on a really big screen, would love to see it in HD.

I also remember the 'Beware, Thieves are silent' snake promo, always used to hiss along to it, can't find it on youtube though. :(

gemma-the-husky 26-01-2013 23:56


Originally Posted by grimtales1 (Post 63855742)
Um Bongo Um Bongo they drink in the congo :D

yeah - not sure if it was a cinema ad, but here it is

logansdad 27-01-2013 00:26

I remember going to the pictures and seeing adverts for resteruants .."200 yards from this very cinema"

Orangemaid 27-01-2013 13:10

they were shown when i last went to the cinema it was that ages ago i been :D

Virgil Tracy 27-01-2013 15:06

are those Telly Savalas ads about somewhere ?

RecordPlayer 27-01-2013 15:20

I remember some of them and the Jet Set. They were always sailing off somewhere drinking Martinis.:D

Don't they show Pearl and Dean anymore? I'm sure I saw their intro not so long ago.

Deccomajor 27-01-2013 22:49

Smoking in cinemas, now they were the days :D

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