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Takae 25-01-2013 17:43

Shirley Temple is now on Twitter
Shirley Temple has joined the Force Otherwise Known as Twitter. While reading this BuzzFeed article, I was surprised to learn Dick Van Dyke is on Twitter as well. Surreal.

I can't imagine even what it would be like if Twitter existed during the Golden Hollywood era or such. Mae West would be all over it as she did like making one-liners. Orson Welles would probably bitch about lack of moral rights in the U.S.

swingaleg 25-01-2013 23:37

Mickey Rooney would be on there trying to put on a show

Tassium 25-01-2013 23:43

"Did you hear what Bogart said on Twitter?"


"Wow, that Chaplin fellow and his foul language. He said blast it on Twitter!"

"Jimmy Stewart wants to be in the new Wizard of Oz movie, it's trending!"

Amanda_Raymond 26-01-2013 00:10

Quite a few veterans are on twitter, Carl Reiner is also on there

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