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potatolegs 28-01-2013 02:31

For every time Chantelle says 'you know' take a bite of a biscuit challenge.
The challenge starts at 2 minutes in;

whatever54 28-01-2013 03:22

can't view the video but I'll guess and eat 5 biscuits

bookaddict 28-01-2013 12:24

Can't participate, as it would involve voluntarily listening to Chantelle. But I'll happily eat some biscuits :)

Bibidybobidyboo 28-01-2013 12:34

'Ya know', I've played a similar game to this 'ya know' but with David Beckham 'ya know' :D

unclekevo 28-01-2013 18:34

You do realize this challenge will singlehandedly raise Mc Vities' net income by about 2.2 million right?

Butterface 28-01-2013 19:58

You could play the same game with the morons from Towie, Katie Price or Peter Andre, who say "Yer know what?" before every single sentence. We would all be the size of Rik Waller.... :sleep:

Dancing Girl 28-01-2013 20:00

Cannot be bothered to look at the link! I saw the This Morning interview with Chantelle where she criedand said y'know for the whole ten minutes of the interview and said absolutely NOTHING about her relationship with Alex. We were told she had come on the show to discuss her relationship with Alex and stop the speculation and she said nothing........................................She was so devastated she had false eyelashes on, full make up yet was "depressed and distressed"!!! Hilarious. Complaining about being a single Mum when she got pregnant a few months after meeting Alex, knew he had been married to Katie Price and knew what she was getting into. I think it was all a publicity stunt, the whole relationship and she is proving this to be the case by the way she farms out her poor little baby Dolly (ridiculous name) for any photo-shoot who will pay. Disgraceful. Easy money and that is what they both really care about, not their child. Still she is the one driving a Land Rover and living in a huge expensive house, not me so who is the idiot??????

Geneve 28-01-2013 21:28

I would end up reversing my Weight watchers lol

SuperAPJ 29-01-2013 04:30

I tried to count and last track towards the end. She said it at least 50 times!

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