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Saltydog1955 05-02-2013 10:29

Reg Presley of The Troggs is dead
One of the voices of the 60's

Sad news - RIP Reg. :(

Black Velvet 05-02-2013 11:04


Originally Posted by Saltydog1955 (Post 64073017)
One of the voices of the 60's

Sad news - RIP Reg. :(

Have just been reading this sad news. RIP Reg

Conehead 06-02-2013 05:51

Who could forget the immortal 'Strange Movies'? -

'Sid and Mandy they were, uh, getting randy, uh uh
When Sue and Bill they joined in
Jake was waiting and uh anticipating uh, uh
Started smoothing their skin
Then just to ease the strain
They all formed a daisy chain'


LIZALYNN 06-02-2013 07:21

What a sad loss. He was brilliant. I can't help wondering what will happen to his incredible huge library of records.
Condolences to his family. RIP Reg. Thanks for the music.

Black Velvet 06-02-2013 19:07

Just been reading this article about Reg and his beliefs. I remember reading he was interested in cop circles and the paranormal.
I think he was a bit phychic as well as the bit about him knowing something was going to happen before it did.
Like one of the comments say he will now know what everything is all about.

Gwylfa 07-02-2013 10:01

I remember seeing The Troggs do an outdoor gig at The Royal Show in Warwickshire ( at the time Britain's biggest agricultural event). They performed in the bandstand behind the main ring. Brilliant.Sorry to hear that Reg has gone.

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