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Nolan Deckard 06-02-2013 22:12

Gaming Podcasts?
Anybody have any suggestions for some good seasons that they are currently listening to?

I listen to a bunch of film podcasts but have never really found any gaming ones that I have stuck with.

Tal'shiar 06-02-2013 22:18

I love these guys. Two series running at once, epic battle axe and epic battle cry.

Royce 06-02-2013 22:40

You`ve tried the big ones?

Giant Bomb
Weekend Confirmed
Idle Thumbs

STeely 06-02-2013 23:21

I listen to a couple

midlife gamer podcast
the mature game poscast

GamerGirl 08-02-2013 22:02

Speedloafer 09-02-2013 01:04

Any gaming podcast I listen to is simply terrible. The last 2 I listened to was one from Joystiq which is supposed to be excellent according to a few online sites, but it just had annoying Americans saying "oh that is super cute" and" this is pretty" and were not very critical of anything.

And I listened to the The Mature Gamer Podcast and it was terrible, 4 people trying to be funny and they simply were not, the audio levels were up and down. They had no notes on most of the questions the annoying host asked so it was dead air after a lot of his questions, and the gaming knowledge in general was poor. One of them started talking about "the *super* Gianna sisters which was on the spectrum" and somebody else started to question what it was. I mean your on a Gaming podcast surely basic gaming history would be a necessity, especially The Great Giana Sisters. For those who dont know The Great Giana Sisters was a direct rip off of Mario, the first level of GGS is a carbon copy from Marios, it was released on Amiga, Amstrad, Commodore 64 and a few other computers (never on spectrum). The game was pulled off the shelves due the legal issues with Nintendo creating a collectors item and a place in gaming notoriety.

So I have yet to hear a decent gaming podcast.

Jimmy_McNulty 09-02-2013 02:47

I'm yet to hear a good one, most of the ones I stumble on are annoying hipster fanbois who are so far up people's backside they actually come out of their mouths.

gavo360 09-02-2013 11:17

I used to listen to quite a few gaming podcast but I don't bother anymore. They spend 90% of the show talking about games that aren't out yet or games that hardly anyone will play. I prefer amateur podcast because they don't get sent early releases and they buy games with there own money and because they are not in bed with the publishers they can speculate more about future games and give honest opinions about current games.

StrmChaserSteve 11-02-2013 02:27

Some people say he's acting, but i find it funny

all my wine glasses smash when he screams

day 9 v slenderman

boxx 11-02-2013 10:31

AFK podcast and PS2 Reach cast.
Listen to the pcgamer one too.

CD93 11-02-2013 10:33

The weekly TGS podcast.

mrobbo 11-02-2013 11:27 do a great multiformat podcast every fortnight. Hosted by Joel and Bill, they discuss new releases and gaming related news in a very relaxed manner.

Joel is a former host on the podcast, which is also very good.

Plundermot 11-02-2013 16:46


Originally Posted by CD93 (Post 64185438)
The weekly TGS podcast.

Likewise -- I don't generally watch/listen to the whole thing, unless the guest is particularly entertaining, but I never miss the first hour of random banter and discussion about what they've been playing that week. All three regulars are great -- TB's daily(ish) "Content Patch" is pretty good for news, too (as is Dodger's show).

NorfolkBoy1 11-02-2013 16:58

My two regulars are PS Nation (long, playstation only) and Big Red Barrel: Boom (formerly Sarcastic Gamer Brown, which hardly ever talks about games but is funny and does good parody songs when they can be bothered.)

I don't go for the mainstream ones like IGN, when I have I've found them pretty unlikable.

Joel was a good co-host of PS Nation until he got a bit ill, so I'll have to give abandofgamers a listen.

chimpsy23 11-02-2013 20:25

1up retronauts
cane and rinse

StrmChaserSteve 12-02-2013 01:42

Gun control discussed on gaming podcast

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