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Rhonda 10-02-2013 16:53

Autarky & Green Dog
Anybody got any experience or views on these 2 foods which I noticed in my farm shop this week?
Looking for a new brand for our dogs and the Autarky claims to be no artificial anything and all the usual claims but is a third the price of our current brand. I was also interested in the Green Dog, which wasn't priced.
I'd be glad of your comments. Thanks.

molliepops 10-02-2013 17:26

I found this a few days ago I don't know how helpful it will be but might be a good starting point to look them up

Rhonda 10-02-2013 21:47

Thanks Mollliepops. That looks like a useful site, giving the analysis and cost per day of each brand. The ratings are a bit vague though. Most foods seem to get 2 stars from users, and there aren't any comments you can read. But it does give you facts on which to make your decision, so I now have some studying to do!

Muze 10-02-2013 21:51

Out of the two, I'd go Green Dog although it is pricier.

As a rule, IMO, when it come to choosing a dog food, look for as few ingredients as poss, the first ingredient should be meat and no E numbers/unrecognisable chemicals.

Although more expensive, you tend to to need less of good quality foods


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