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Melanie_Brown1 10-02-2013 21:26

Lovefilm stopped working
Has anyone else's love film stopped working. Was watching a programme and went to watch next episode and now it's not working neither is website.

BigFoot87 10-02-2013 21:28

Same here on my Xbox, "we are currently doing maintenance."

Must be unscheduled, odd time to be doing it at peak time on a Sunday.

Melanie_Brown1 10-02-2013 21:30

Yeah cant they do it in the early hours of the morning. Think it's happened to me before on a sunday night.

mred2000 10-02-2013 21:45

Last Sunday night was choppy, too. Only on LoveFilm, everything else was fine.

I only went back with them as i was given 3 months for the price of 1. The service is really bad at times, though. I won't be staying.

packages 10-02-2013 23:14

PS3 fine, but PC keeps saying title unavailable.

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