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hallowxmas448 14-02-2013 09:49

Watched this for the 1st time last night. I thought it was really good although lacking in action. What are your thoughts?

theonlyweeman 14-02-2013 10:26

The way everyone went on about I was expecting it to be terrible, it wasn't. Sure it wasn't as good as Alien, but it wasn't as shit as everyone made it sound...

timebug 14-02-2013 10:43

I liked it.Whoever made an Alien 'prequel'
was on a hiding to nothing from the critics
weren't they?
The fact that Ridley Scott took up the film
was a plus for most viewers.Okay it was a
bit more cerebral than some of the series,
one friend of mine just does not 'get' the
opening sequence at all!
When the DNA is seen breaking up into the
sea, he thought it was the Engineers spine!

RedSnapper 14-02-2013 10:57

I enjoyed it.

yes it doesnt stand up well if you decide to pick each plot element to pieces - but if you just watch it as entertainment it was the usual good, solid Ridley Scottt fare.

Nowhere near as bad as some people suggest.

Having watched the documentary though it is obvious the it did suffer from some over eager editing in an attempt to get it below 2 hours for some reason.

Dai13371 14-02-2013 11:51

Some sensational visuals and it was great to see Noomi Rapace again

Johnny Clay 14-02-2013 11:55

An almost complete waste.

Thing is, I wouldn't have minded the unfocused plot and messy characterisation/motivation so much if Scott had actually drawn on some of his old strengths. Sadly this now seems beyond him.

You could cut the atmosphere and mystery of Alien with a knife, yet here we have a film made with the same slick airlessness we've now come to expect from Sir Ridley. I know it was always supposed to be a different sort of film, but The Prometheus may as well have touched down in Birmingham for all the otherworldniness generated here. In a film rife with disappointments, this was perhaps the worst.

stvn758 14-02-2013 12:15

Words failed me, like the screenwriter.

lil lexie 14-02-2013 12:34

Personally, I thought it was wretched.

alfster 14-02-2013 12:44

It was good, it was OK.

It was never going to be a striaght spider/fly or bug-hunt film.

Hopefully, it has laid the groudwork for a few more films which dig deeper and have a bit more shooty bang bang stuff in it but it wasn't going to be one of those films.

It was bound to answer a few question, pose a few more and be somewhat of a exposition type film.

Chairman___Meow 14-02-2013 13:38


Originally Posted by stvn758 (Post 64245555)
Words failed me, like the screenwriter.

The problem was that his words didnt fail him :D

Nolan Deckard 14-02-2013 13:46

Visually incredible but felt very hollow. Asked some very interesting questions but just didn't give any resolution, instead expecting audiences to come back for a sequel.

Shame FOX weren't content in allowing it to just be a standalone film, instead opting to go the franchise route.

Eddie Badger 14-02-2013 13:51

It was an interesting idea wasted with plot holes, stupid characters and sloppy writing.

Moony 14-02-2013 14:07

It was ok - but suffered from some silly writing - and from the fact that the writers/director didn't appear to know what they wanted it to be.

I think it would have been better as either a formal sequel to Alien, or a proper standalone story. The mish mash of ideas and iconography lifted from the other films - whilst at the same time trying too hard not to be a formal Alien prequel IMO didn't work.

I read a rejected script online a few months back - and it was much better.

Mark A 14-02-2013 14:19

I enjoyed watching it and it was very, very well made. And that's good enough for me.



dbob 14-02-2013 14:23

Technically and visually superb but flawed characters and story spoilt what could have been a classic. Even so not as bad as some would have you believe.

Danger Close 14-02-2013 14:32


Originally Posted by alfster (Post 64245952)
It was good, it was OK.

It was never going to be a striaght spider/fly or bug-hunt film.

Hopefully, it has laid the groudwork for a few more films which dig deeper and have a bit more shooty bang bang stuff in it but it wasn't going to be one of those films.

It was bound to answer a few question, pose a few more and be somewhat of a exposition type film.

Alien didn't have any action set-pieces and was awesome.
Yes, Aliens was an action thriller but was still very well done.

This was a travesty. Even if I hadn't seen Alien I would have serious reservations about this film.
The incomprehensible decisions of the characters were laughable.

Old.Tallen 14-02-2013 17:25

I enjoyed it for itself, but as a "prequel" it was a bit lacking.

The casting was a real issue, some terrible characters and some worse actors really made it feel "hammy" at times.

felixrex 14-02-2013 17:45


stvn758 14-02-2013 18:55

It was the worst of both worlds I thought - as a film in it's own right or as a prequel. I would have been happy for it to have no Aliens in it, it just was so poorly written that you can't help but think how good this could have been with some effort.

Moony 14-02-2013 19:17


Originally Posted by Danger Close (Post 64247642)
The incomprehensible decisions of the characters were laughable.

That was the biggest flaw for me.

Some of their actions were simply stupid - and unlike Alien, didn't seem to be born out of ignorance or lack of information. Its almost like the writers had to put them in mortal danger - so engineered some silly random behaviour in order to make it happen.

alfster 14-02-2013 20:05

I avoided any hype about the film - had no expectations apart from it being a prequel - I'm interested in how the aliens came to be, obviously now we now they were created, I'm looking forward to seeing how it develops further.

The film has given a foundation to the alien 'mythos' - that it was different to the other films, I actually quite liked that as it's annoyed lots of people who had 'expectations'

The film had a job to do - it did it. That it was not the job some of the public expected doesn't really bother me.

kupo_nut 14-02-2013 20:26

I really need to get the blu ray to make my mind up as it seemed to be incomplete as a story and I'd really like to know if there is any motivation of David's actions which really should have been better explained.

I hope the following films (if there are any) make more use of the delete scene from Alien which shows Brett and Dallas being ingested by the eggs and makes a bit of a mockery of the godawful Aliens movie where they were nothing more than cannon fodder.

Lou Kelly 14-02-2013 21:11

I really enjoyed it.

007Fusion 14-02-2013 21:37

Incrediably dissappointing. I expected an amazing, hard sci-fi adventure into space and man coming face to face with alien creatures. It turned out to an exploritive journey, with little scintilating findings and characters that were poorly written.

I couldn't believe that i saw 'Prometheus 2' announced. Surely that will never go into production, unless it becomes a crazy slasher film.

Voynich 14-02-2013 21:50

The effects were awesome. I loved the score. The story wasn't that good. For such an expensive mission that could have changed humanity, the 'scientists' on it were exactly the cream of the crop!

Those two that couldn't find their way back to the ship, were afraid of their shadows yet decide to make friends with an alien snake thing, Shaw doing gymnastics after major abdominal surgery and Vickers getting splatted when a space ship falls on her. Those were some of the silly things that made me snigger a bit rather than involve me. Better than the third Alien movie though.

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