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MrMeatAndPotato 14-02-2013 16:59

The new celebrity fashion accessory...
Seems to be kids... what is it with celebrities exploiting babies to get them media attention? Every day the tabloids are plastered with Celebrity A and their child:confused:

Why on earth would you want to throw your child off to the worlds media? It happened alot less a few years ago. But now it seems to be every day. If they are not doing an interview with the newspaper about how great a parent they are... then they're posting pictures of them on twitter knowing fully well it'll go straight onto the front page of The Sun.

Goaty 14-02-2013 17:06

You means Alex Reid with his baby Dolly?

MrMeatAndPotato 14-02-2013 17:10


Originally Posted by Goaty (Post 64249826)
You means Alex Reid with his baby Dolly?

Well, he's just one of many... some even have posed photographs with the paper.

80sfan 14-02-2013 17:15

Some follow where others lead... don't forget the queen of them all, Victoria Beckham

Flanno 14-02-2013 18:07

Anyone remember this?

:D :D

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