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loveloveX 14-02-2013 20:37

What are the sexiest movie kisses?
Yes I know there is a thread about best movies kissed but I want to know what everyone thinks are the sexiest ones, you know the ones that get you going so to speak, with tongue and all that :o

Mark A 14-02-2013 22:13

Deep Throat?



abrightyz 14-02-2013 23:02

this close to adding this to my subscribed threads lolz!!

Littlegreen42 15-02-2013 16:21

Cruel Intentions
New Moon

jules1000 15-02-2013 17:10

Ohhh Steve Macqueen and Faye Dunaway. Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr.

GandalfsFeet 15-02-2013 20:09

What a stupid question.

stripedcat 16-02-2013 12:37

Rear Window - Grace Kelly and James Stewart's kiss.

Notorious - Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman's lingering kiss.

gemma-the-husky 16-02-2013 18:28

I liked Clyde in "Any Which Way But Loose"

I can't remember, but there must have been a nice kiss in Road House with Kelly Lynch

Moboloco 16-02-2013 21:21


PunksNotDead 16-02-2013 21:52


Originally Posted by GandalfsFeet (Post 64273293)
What a stupid question.

What a stupid answer:rolleyes:

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