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digitaldon 17-02-2013 12:42

Any one watched Beyonce "Life Is But A Dream" Documentary
I'm halfway through watching the beyonce documentary, and i'm interested in what anyone else's opinion is?

If you haven't seen it you can check it out here

big dan 17-02-2013 12:56

Just watched it, now watching the Oprah interview.

Hmm, to be honest I found the doc a tad too try-hard. As in at times it didn't really feel very natural. Still found it interesting and still think she's great though.

barneyboy 17-02-2013 13:04

Where did you get Oprah from Dan? I cant find it :(

Goaty 17-02-2013 13:08

Again your website, OP.

Jerrica09 17-02-2013 18:43

I'm watching it now. Has Beyonce's speaking voice changed over time? I think the last time I heard her talk was when she did one of those 'audience with' shows in the UK, but she sounds a bit lispy, and 'street' and deeper voiced in this doc.

I love the scene of the Columbia music execs listening to her track with their heads bobbing up and down furiously like a table of nodding dogs:D

Master Ozzy 17-02-2013 18:53

I found it very interesting, especially the bits where she said she has sleepless nights over how to stay current and how to stay fresh while at the same time doing the music that she herself wants to do, but not letting the fans down. I'd say that is probably an obstacle that other stars at her level also face. Constantly having to remain current. She's done very well though. She's stayed fresh and current and has never jumped on any bandwagons. When everyone else was jumping on the dance music craze, she didn't.

Master Ozzy 17-02-2013 18:53

Just want to add as well, she sounded incredible when she was sitting in the car singing Listen!!!!

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