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Bellarooo 21-02-2013 10:34

Fearne Cotton has baby boy
Congratulations to her and Jesse on the birth of Rex Rayne Wood :-)

twingle 21-02-2013 11:29

Congrats to them all and nice name too :D

Camino 21-02-2013 12:46

Congrats to the family, Rex is such a masculine name I like it very much!

Goldbear86 21-02-2013 12:53

Aww congratulations to her and her partner.

Bergy87 21-02-2013 13:57

Lovely news :)

MarcoPolo99 21-02-2013 14:58

Good news and all that.

Perhaps now she'll stop banging on about her bloody cats.

Jerrica09 21-02-2013 15:13

Rex is a nice name! If it's good enough for our dog it's good enough for anyone:)

Jason C 21-02-2013 15:33

Rex born just in time to present a pilot show for the BBC this weekend.

Julie_Evans 21-02-2013 15:34

Congratulations Fearne & Jesse, cute name x

occy 21-02-2013 19:50

Good news. Wonder if Chris Moyles will visit.

DavetheScot 21-02-2013 23:16

Congratulations to Fearne. Always liked her :)

EastEnders-1105 21-02-2013 23:19

Love the name its Unuasual but not crazy weird like some Celeb childs name (Princess, Apple, Blue Ivy ect)

congrats ferne and Jesse

NotaTypo 21-02-2013 23:49

I was hoping for a girl called Polly :p, glad all are well and healthy.

Megan_Hudson 22-02-2013 14:31

Congratulations Fearne

PaleHorse 22-02-2013 16:02

When will celebs learn that kids don't want dopey names that set them apart from their friends and classmates!?

Nonetheless, congrats to her and her partner. I've always had a soft spot for Cotton among the constant bland of television presenters.

Black Velvet 22-02-2013 17:02

Congrats to Fearne and her partner.

Sez_babe 22-02-2013 21:21

Congrats to them :)

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