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mizhog 21-02-2013 20:37

any kathy griffin fans here?
shes so hilarious anyone else like her?

Bungitin 21-02-2013 20:53

Not me. So avoid. My opinion only.

Phyllis Stein 21-02-2013 21:02

She's painful on the eyes and the ears.

gregrichards 21-02-2013 21:31

I like her a lot I really enjoyed watching her reality show some of her stunts like the one at New Year's Eve make you cringe sometimes but she is shameless. 22-02-2013 10:41

I think she is great, she is funny, crude, sexy, a little shameless, but in the best possible way. Im staying up to date with her talk show 'Kathy', its worth checking it out. One bad thing, she sometimes goes on too much in her opening monologue about the Real Housewives of -insert place name here-. I tend to skip past those bits.

logansdad 22-02-2013 10:44

Just watched her in a film called Shakes the Clown,quite funny.

Zone_Out 22-02-2013 17:36

i love her

Madonna38 22-02-2013 17:53

Love her.

Starfire Belle 23-02-2013 17:15

She's quite funny used to enjoy her show life on the D list

Sex 23-02-2013 21:33


Originally Posted by Phyllis Stein (Post 64393588)
She's painful on the eyes and the ears.


she reminds me of something out of beavis and butthead

d56 23-02-2013 22:29

I think she is hilarious! I love her standup, much better than her talkshow.

Boq 23-02-2013 22:50

I love her. I saw her live in London in 2011 and she was brilliant.

Lyricalis 24-02-2013 01:11

She's funny and female - two of my favourite things.

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