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lamby 22-02-2013 10:56

Faulty kits

Virgin Media net customers have been told to return faulty equipment amid fears it could overheat and burn them

petey286 22-02-2013 11:28

Good old SCUM getting the ownership wrong as usual as oddly Richard Branson has never ever owned Virgin Media, more than likely this is just a way of getting everyone onto the new kit.

Here is the correct information rather than the SCUM's fantasy as strangely enough it is only certain PSU's that may be at fault.

retrovertigo 25-02-2013 15:01

I've literally just phoned them about this, as they sent me a power supply that doesn't fit my modem.

It was changed to the newer one a while back, but they seem to have forgotten,

I was told however, that it was nothing to do with overheating, and to do with European power regulations.

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