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Soapsqueen 23-02-2013 22:23

Journey from Hell. WR Rolepay!
I decided since there is not really much we can do with the Fire Starter RP as we kind of killed Connor off and he was like the main haha. So yeah this is a new idea.

Basically the staff and students are going on a trip, for three weeks they will be living in a holiday camp. In cabins etc. But everything goes wrong. Eg. Fights, Injuries, Sickness, Pranks, drunken teenagers. Just the usual.
Michael pulled up to the school. It was the crack of dawn. 6am and just starting to get light out. He smiled as he seen the bright red coach. He was looking forward to the trip. He was the first to arrive at the school.

cherrypie123 23-02-2013 22:36

sian was next to arrive.

"morning! let's hope this goes better than last year" she laughed

Soapsqueen 23-02-2013 22:39

This was an annual thing for Waterloo Road. Every year they went on this three week trip camping.

Michael chuckled.

Christine was driving to the school with a half asleep Connor, dozing against the window as she drove.

cherrypie123 23-02-2013 22:44

as they pulled up at the school connor jolted awake

"we were at home..." he said confused
"i helped you to the car, lazy boy" christine smiled as they got out of the car

Soapsqueen 23-02-2013 22:47

"Its 6am," Connor sleepily exclaimed. "You can sleep all you want on the coach, We will be on it for a bout 10 hours," she laughed. Connor just groaned.

The Barrys pulled up in their Mum's car "Do we really need to go on this damn trip?" Dynasty exclaimed.

(The journeys always the best bit to RP :) Ive done Rp's like this before :D)

cherrypie123 23-02-2013 22:49

barry and kasey rolled their eyes at her.

"its alright for you two dirty pigs!!" dynasty said
"shut up will you!! your brother and sister are right" carol said

(i agree there :))

Soapsqueen 23-02-2013 22:54

(:) If you still have Ideas for Fire Starter I don't mind keeping it going)

"This sucks," Dynasty moaned as Carol stopped the car.
"Now get your bags out!" she instructed.

Connor has fell asleep again in the Car as Chrsitine was talking to Tom and Michael.

(Can we include characters from most series :)? Might write a fic similar to this,)

cherrypie123 23-02-2013 22:57

"looks like we might get a peacful journey for the first part" christine said as she looked to connor in the car

"or maybe not" tom replied as he pointed to the barry's

the three teachers groaned.

(i cant think of anything for the fire starter one anymore :) and yeah why not :) ive only watched from this series but i'm willing to give it a go)

doctorwhofancal 23-02-2013 23:04

Grantly, Maggie, Harley, Scout and Rhiannon walked round.

"This is going to be amazing!" Maggie exclaimed.

All the others rolled their eyes

Soapsqueen 23-02-2013 23:04

(Okay :) I had a fic ages ago with the same name as This RP but lost it :( Might start it again :) I am working on a Barry family One shot at the moment)

Half an hour later, more and more students arrived. There was two coaches. Michael started listing off who would be one which one.

Coach 1
Kyle Stack

cherrypie123 23-02-2013 23:09

coach 2


Soapsqueen 23-02-2013 23:13

Soon everyone were settled on the coaches and they were ready to take off.

Michael turned back "Lazy buggers," he laughed. Most of the students were sleeping.

cherrypie123 23-02-2013 23:15

imogen and connor had fallen asleep next to each other. kasey had fallen asleep leaning against barry's shoulder.

(im looking forward to reading the barry's one shot :))

Soapsqueen 23-02-2013 23:29

"At least try will be quiet for a while," Sian giggled.

cherrypie123 23-02-2013 23:33

"good" michael said and the other teachers chuckled

(i replied on the other one :))

Soapsqueen 23-02-2013 23:35

The teachers sat talking.

cherrypie123 23-02-2013 23:37

after 2 hours the students who were asleep woke up and began chatting with their friends.

"8 hours left" tom said

Soapsqueen 23-02-2013 23:40

The coaches pulled up at a service station. They would be every tow hours or so, so everyone could use the toilet and get refreshments.

cherrypie123 23-02-2013 23:43

a few students got off to stretch their legs.

"this is going to be a fun 3 weeks" imogen said as she chatted to scout inside the service station as they got some food

Soapsqueen 23-02-2013 23:56

"Yeah should be good!" Scout grinned. She opened her bag and revealed a bottle of vodkas.

Connor went to use the loo.

cherrypie123 23-02-2013 23:58

"wow barry might become your friend if he sees that" imogen said as she rolled her eyes
"he won't know! this is for the girls" scout laughed

Soapsqueen 24-02-2013 00:04

Imogen just giggled and bought a sandwich and some juice.

Connor finished at the toilet and bought a bottle of water. He had a headache.

cherrypie123 24-02-2013 00:07

He tried not to let on he had one though.

He thought he must be unlucky to be landed with a eadache when the trip was only 2 hours in.

doctorwhofancal 24-02-2013 00:08

When they arrived back at the car park...the bus had gone!

cherrypie123 24-02-2013 00:13

"Please tell me the bus is only round the corner" connor said to imogen and scout
"Doubt it...barry is such an idiot" scout screamed

Meanwhile on the bus barry was laughing at how he got the bus to leave 3 classmates behind.

"Where's connor??" Christine asked michael
"Middle of the bus" he replied, not looking back

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