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Goaty 26-02-2013 11:24

Jason Manfords caught again online
Silly man at it again... why bother do it online!

mrblank 26-02-2013 17:24

will his wife forgive him again?????

DarthFader 26-02-2013 18:27

I wonder ... If he is doing this to help sell tickets for his tour? His wife is probably in on it.

Butterface 26-02-2013 18:41

What an absolute plank this man is. He's as untrustworthy and hypocritical as he is funny.... :sleep:

ncl*girl 26-02-2013 19:09

he makes me feel ill, you can imagine him being a dirty old loser sitting with a webcam

NII 88 26-02-2013 19:16

This gives him another chance to write an extended, rambling Facebook post about nasty internet trolls and how he does so much for charity.

grps3 26-02-2013 19:20

dvd coming out- twitter affair

tour coming up - facebook affair

next year i expect he will have a google plus affair

Julie_Evans 26-02-2013 19:26

He had his chance, and he's screwed up again. Doesn't deserve forgiveness again, he's a sleazebag.

quatro 26-02-2013 21:04

What is up with this bloke? And/or what is wrong with his marriage? His wife must be feeling so humiliated to have a husband who can do this sort of weird stuff behind her back, have it come out in public [if you pardon the expression!], forgive him and then see that he's done much more - again.

All played out in the media, everyone knowing what a kn*b Jason Manford is now - and a liar to boot [promising never to do it again and breaking that promise]. What an idiot.

chuck_wippl 26-02-2013 21:12

Considering how much I like Manford and how upset I was the first time around he was caught being a dirty ol' sleazebag, my genuine reaction to first hearing this was just :sleep:

For goodness sake... *shaking my head* WHAT AN IDIOT!! :rolleyes:

AdelaideGirl 26-02-2013 21:34

On the other hand I guess no STDs or pregnancy risk and she seems to be an adult so it could be worse.

Harry Redknapp 26-02-2013 22:24

Lol. How boring! The giggs scandal was much more entertaining. It's much more entertaining when the footballers are misbehaving.

Dancing Girl 27-02-2013 06:46

I liked him a lot when he was on the One Show. His poor wife, mother of twins, no doubt working hard to bring her twins up, tired and exhausted and this creep feels "ignored"!! DEAR GOD, some men never seem to grow up. I feel so sad for his wife. How could he do this again. He lost his job on the One Show and yet he learnt nothing from it all, the first time around. He should be grateful he has a good wife, healthy children and a job!!!

Sloopy 27-02-2013 13:25

If he were 18 years old and single, you might expect it. But he needs to grow up. He obviously just wants to have his cake and eat it.

Why bother getting married? It's just a facade so he can parade the 'respectable family man' scenario. :yawn:

SXTony 27-02-2013 13:29


Originally Posted by Butterface (Post 64481932)
What an absolute plank this man is. He's as untrustworthy and hypocritical as he is funny.... :sleep:

:confused: Are you saying you think he's funny as he's untrustworthy and hypocritical?

Delboy219 27-02-2013 15:26

He's joking about it. Which means it's likely fake, or his wife doesn't mind, and maybe does her own flirting on the side as well.

glaschelle 28-02-2013 00:48

The thing I found most shocking about this is that he's only 31!!! I thought he was at least 41! Has he had a hard life????? :rolleyes:

scone 28-02-2013 13:48

Look at his profile picture, its been airbrushed beyond recognition. Not to defend the bloke, but why send pics of yourself in the bath, its like it was engineered to catch him out.

i4u 28-02-2013 14:31

Could it be he was pre-empting the stripper's claim they had cyber sex?

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