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mrblank 26-02-2013 16:35

john nettles anyone on here met him?
or know someone who has? he always come over as a pretty good bloke

jerseyporter 26-02-2013 17:03

Yes, he's friends with friends of mine who run a private Atelier from home selling art/paintings (he's has bought a few bits from them over the years) and they've always found him very nice, have got to know him quite well over the recent years. But obviously that's only one view! But J.N. has also done a fair bit helping to raise money for our little theatre, special theatre nights, readings from Shakespeare etc, during his many visits here, and also a spoof "who's been stealing Jersey Royals from the fields?" film a few years ago which was locally very topical.

He wasn't always liked here, that much is true, but he seems to have a much better/positive relationship with the island and islanders now than he did in his Bergerac days! Probably largely helped by the fact that his daughter settled in Jersey after J.N. left, marrying a local etc. (So she got the housing rights - 'quallies' as they're known locally - that her father was famously denied back in the late 80s; Jersey has very anachronistic housing laws, you can't just pitch up and live here without fulfilling certain criteria, even if you're 'famous'!).

Ironically his daughter once worked for the Jersey States Police - achieving in real life a version of what her father was part of in fiction! (Although the "Bureau des Etrangers" doesn't really exist, though we do have a unique system of policing the island that includes Parish Honorary officers as well as paid States/uniformed police - it's all a bit complicated to explain!)

Sean Arnold (Barney Crozier) still lives here as well - he did an advert for the local police too about road safety which is still shown on Channel Television - but he generally keeps a low profile.

diamond1 26-02-2013 17:43

I met him when I was on holiday in Jersey years ago... seemed a nice enough bloke

SuperDude95 26-02-2013 18:11

Yes he was a prick.

Early Bird 26-02-2013 18:17

I saw him play Octavius Caesar in 'Antony and Cleopatra'...... at the RSC (Stratford-upon-Avon).
I recall Janette Suzman (sp?) played Cleopatra and she accidentally got hit on the nose by a prop - and her nose was bleeding on the stage - and YET they all carried on as if nothing had happened..

he seems like a nice guy.

fifi_folE 27-02-2013 01:37

I did a backstage tour at the RSC when seeing Richard III in 1995, he was playing Richard III and said hello to us all, seemed amiable enough. From memory, I was more struck on his height and the size of his heels on his shoes than to how he was as was the first famous person I seen in person.

Honestweegie 27-02-2013 19:47


Originally Posted by SuperDude95 (Post 64481419)
Yes he was a prick.

Really? Can you expand?

hatpeg 27-02-2013 21:26

I know someone who worked with him on Midsomer Murders, and said he was very nice and was keen to talk about music.

ChoccyCarole 27-02-2013 21:33


Originally Posted by hatpeg (Post 64503920)
I know someone who worked with him on Midsomer Murders, and said he was very nice and was keen to talk about music.

I know someone who knew John Nettles ~ when he filmed Bergerac in Jersey~[1981-1991]
She lives in Jersey and each day she used to make him a bacon sandwich ~which he enjoyed

Jimmy Connors 28-02-2013 03:24

Somebody I know has met him a few times when he did the narration for 'Airport' He comes across as a nice bloke apparently.

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