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dirty dingus 27-02-2013 01:10

fan, fanatic, oblivious or piss taker?
Why do you come here?
I come here for a laugh as I'm middle aged, so don't personally connect or know what the showbiz life is all about. Feel free to tell me the point of them especially the moron ones.

Fatsia 27-02-2013 13:08

My OH doesn't give a toss about showbiz, so I come here to discuss bits that interest me. I am also middle aged, so I haven't a clue who some of the people are, but occasionally I stumble across a thread leading to a new story about somebody I do know. I have recently dipped a toe in the water on one of the Katie Price threads (they're very very scary) but think I've learned my lesson there. Quite like the 100% Alleged thread, it's quite good fun trying to solve the cryptic clues as to who is being suggested (even though 99% of the actual 'gossip' is nonsense)

So to answer the question, I'm somewhere between oblivious and piss-taker.

One thing which is quite annoying though is thread titles which don't tell you what they're about - hence why this thread has had about 400 views but only this one reply so far! Sorry if that sounds mean..

dee123 27-02-2013 13:13

Depends what the topic is.

artlesschaos 27-02-2013 17:50

Piss taker with occasional righteous indignation.

Blondie X 27-02-2013 20:18

100% piss taker though I seem to go over the heads of some who appear to take my comments seriously :confused:

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