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enudzio 27-02-2013 18:38

Celebrity Crush?
simple , who is your celebrity crush on?

mine is Pixie Lott.

allhitradio 27-02-2013 19:03

Bobby... Crush :rolleyes:

granted08 27-02-2013 23:10

The hottest member of Girls Aloud. The lovely Nadine Coyle.

Sex 27-02-2013 23:11

Ryan gosling is mine all mine I refus to share

Imej 27-02-2013 23:14

Tom Hardy!!! Yummy.

paperplanes_ 27-02-2013 23:17

Joseph Gordon Levitt
James Franco
Ed Sheeran
Adam Levine
Danny O Donoghue

The others are too embarrassing..:o

Zone_Out 27-02-2013 23:23

never saw the appeal before but Beckham certainly gets better with age

Fizgig 28-02-2013 00:14

Kelly Brook.

ChateauMarmont 28-02-2013 17:17

Nina Dobrev
Michelle Keegan (if she counts as a celebrity)
Ginnifer Goodwin (with long hair in Once Upon A Time)
Lana Del Rey

Deviant Moxie 28-02-2013 19:48

Paul Rudd and Karl Urban at the moment

MTUK1 01-03-2013 02:05

Zayn Malik. The most beautiful human being on the planet.

nick202 01-03-2013 08:01


Originally Posted by Zone_Out (Post 64506383)
never saw the appeal before but Beckham certainly gets better with age

Agree with this one - he was always a bit too clean cut for me when he was younger but now he's older with a but more character in his face, I definitely WOULD.

Also for me...
Bruce Willis
Harry Judd
David Tennant
The Rock
Prince Harry
Vin Diesel
Greg James
Huw Edwards :o

As you can see, I have rather 'diverse' tastes.

monrose 01-03-2013 20:16

I mentioned before on this thread that I think Grant Gustin from Glee is so hot :)

Euan1234 01-03-2013 20:54

Shania Twain :)

beaglemum 01-03-2013 20:59


Originally Posted by Euan1234 (Post 64538197)
Shania Twain :)

That dont impress me (Ill get my coat!)

LilNikki1987 01-03-2013 21:17

I have a few (if we're allowed more than one?):

Brandon Flowers
Ben Forster
Lenny Kravitz
Hugh Jackman
Colin Firth
Rhydian Roberts
Vincent Simone
Pasha Kovalev


smilliekylie 01-03-2013 22:59

Carol Smillie
Tina Fey
Kylie MInogue
Reshma Shetty
Gina Bellman
Anita Rani
Shilpa Shetty
Archie Panjabi
Necar Zadegan
David Bowie

mysty211 02-03-2013 00:46

Lee Ryan
John McLaughlin
Fernando Torres
Adam Levine
Adam Pitts (Lawson)
Taylor Lautner
Channing Tatum
Hayden Christensen
Robert Hoffman(step up 2)
Ryan Guzman (step up 4)
Jude Law

Jen-B 02-03-2013 00:51

Tom Hardy
Sebastian Vettel
Christian Horner

And... Richard Osman from Pointless.

Yum. :o

bookaddict 02-03-2013 10:01

Dominic West
Kenneth Branagh
Idris Elba
Toby Stephens
Ioan Gruffudd
Simon Baker

Jerrica09 02-03-2013 10:26

Ian Brown
Ronnie O'Sullivan
Andy Murray
Pete Doherty
Noel Gallagher

Big eyebrows really do it for me:D

Joey Boswell 02-03-2013 10:35

Bruce Boxleitner
John Taylor
Matt Goss
Christian Slater
Matt Dillon
Chris Meloni
Javier Hernandez

Rose_Thorn 02-03-2013 20:50

Jeremy Renner
Zac Efron
Ryan Reynolds

Lily_M 02-03-2013 23:13

Tom Selleck
David Boreanaz
Daniel Radcliffe (I'm old enough to be his mum :o)
David Tennant (but only because he has the most stunning eyes)
Mark Harmon

LudwigVonDrake 02-03-2013 23:20

Darren Criss
Erik Christian Olsen
Barrett Foa
Mark-Paul Gosselaar

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