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jj2 07-03-2013 01:05


strewth 07-03-2013 21:26

Who is she?:confused:

mrsbadger 07-03-2013 21:29

No idea!

Keyser Soze 07-03-2013 21:32

*shrugs shoulders* Me neither.

Say_My_Name 07-03-2013 21:33

She was some dull bint in Celebrity Big Brother.

Marvin's Mum 07-03-2013 21:42

the Kardashian thats not allowed food??

420randomness 27-03-2013 01:58

found introduction to Georgia
Georgia does FHM 24 HD Captures

and previous Digital Spy Forum Thread

sunstone 27-03-2013 05:54

As I recall she was nice enough in CBB,but had to put up with the Nasty Cassidy and some creep from Towie. I think she had a bad time but true BB fans will remember more.

phil solo 27-03-2013 06:56


Originally Posted by sunstone (Post 65014444)
true BB fans will remember more.

Really, we don't! :D

i4u 27-03-2013 07:52

I see you can get a Pineapple and Ham pizza for 2.20.

dee123 27-03-2013 08:02

On my mind.

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