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Si_Crewe 08-03-2013 14:25

The Bay.
Saw The Bay recently and I have to say that I was really quite impressed by it.

If you like the idea of movies such as The Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield (even if you don't like those actual films) you'll probably enjoy The Bay.

Difficult to say too much about it without ruining the story for people who want to watch it but it's a movie put together from "found footage" of a disaster in a small town.

Right from the start it seemed to do a great job of creating an atmosphere of tension and impending doom and with each newly-revealed factor you just feel like "Uh oh, that's gonna end in tears".

Quite clever, too, the way they put together a bunch of real-world environmental issues and creepy incidents and used them as the basis for a cohesive, fictional, plot.

The only flaw is that the "big reveal" happened too early on in the movie and it felt like the last 20 minutes or so were a bit laboured, even though that was supposed to be the "big finale".

Overall, though, it was different and quirky enough to be very enjoyable if you enjoy scifi/horror movies.

Darthchaffinch 08-03-2013 20:13

Looks worth a look!

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