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retroguy 13-03-2013 16:37

Best looking female reality TV contestants
I,m not an avid reality watcher I just like to quickly dip in and out from time to time

My top ones all the years in the UK

Shilpa Shetty CBB 2007 loved her Indian accent as well

Samanda BB8 but Amanda in particular

Diana Vickers-quite possibly the most sensational looking. Female X Factor contestant ever IMO also love the songs she has brought out so far

My top female reality contestant of all time in terms of looks is Imogen from BB7 always had a little thing about her especially due to her stunning brunette head of hair

Who,s your favourite Female contestants from reality TV over the years in terms of looks

Inspiration 13-03-2013 16:44

I always liked Saskia from BB. Imogen also.

Zack06 13-03-2013 16:50

Nicole Scherzinger, Cheryl Cole, Leona Lewis, Lucie Jones, Ashley Roberts (from I'm Celeb)...imo all stunning women.

zooooooooooooo 13-03-2013 16:55

Tania and Justine from Big Brother.

Emily Scott from I'm a celebrity.

Rebecca Ferguson from X Factor.

Charlotte from Survivor.

Gulftastic 13-03-2013 17:24

Cheryl Cole.

Big Boy Barry 13-03-2013 17:59

Diana Vickers

The Prumeister 13-03-2013 18:34

Susan Boyle


Big Boy Barry 13-03-2013 18:43


Originally Posted by The Prumeister (Post 64759674)
Susan Boyle


I think the OP meant female humans.


gav016 14-03-2013 00:58

Cheryl Cole, Carolynne Poole, Lucie Jones, Diana Vickers.

Sandeesh from The Apprentice was stunning, too.

unclekevo 14-03-2013 08:04

Rebecca Ferguson, Treyc Cohen from X Factor were both very attractive

Emily Scott and Ashley Roberts from I'm A Celebrity

Kelly Brook and Alesha Dixon from Strictly

Gulftastic 14-03-2013 09:21


Originally Posted by Big Boy Barry (Post 64759879)
I think the OP meant female humans.

No Barry, what the poster is doing is ironically posting the opposite of what the thread calls for. A brilliant and highly original gag.

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