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spookyLX 20-03-2013 18:30

RIP James Herbert
BBC Breaking News ‏@BBCBreaking 36m
Best-selling horror writer James Herbert - who wrote The Rats - dies aged 69 at home in Sussex, UK

really liked his books, I remember as a kid ' borrowing ' his books of my mum and reading them under the bed covers with a torch, Had frightful nightmares but still read them

Betty Britain 20-03-2013 18:33

Oooh no .. He is my favourite author..

spookyLX 20-03-2013 18:34

He was one of my favs as well :(

Betty Britain 20-03-2013 18:38


Originally Posted by spookyLX (Post 64892400)
He was one of my favs as well :(

I have all his books ..and like you read the rats when I was young.. Scared the hell out of me but I was hooked

Eddie Badger 20-03-2013 18:40

That's a shock. I saw one of his books today and almost bought it as I hadn't read any horror for a long time.

I really liked his books RIP

katywil 20-03-2013 18:48

RIP James. you will be greatly missed.
ive read a lot of James Herberts books. first one was the rats and i loved it.

jules1000 20-03-2013 18:53


Originally Posted by katywil (Post 64892663)
RIP James. you will be greatly missed.
ive read a lot of James Herberts books. first one was the rats and i loved it.

Yes brilliant book very scary. Brilliant for the imagination though,followed by the Lair I think.

RIP Mr J Herbert.

Joel's dad 20-03-2013 18:55

Very sad he was an amazing author :(


Butterface 20-03-2013 18:59

His early stuff was excellent.

Had he been ill? His death seems very sudden.

Compton_scatter 20-03-2013 19:07

RIP James, you were my favourite author. I thought he seemed quite frail when he appeared on BBC Breakfast last September promoting his latest book 'Ash'.

whirlingthunder 20-03-2013 20:26

What sad news, he seemed like such a nice bloke, as well as being one of my favourite authors when I was a teenager. One of the few who could scare me and make me laugh out loud. Time to dig out some of the early stuff and enjoy him at his absolute peak. RIP James

21stCenturyBoy 20-03-2013 20:27

A terrible shock :(

I heard him on the radio a few months back talking about the new book he was planning.

Had he been ill?

EVILSPEAK 20-03-2013 20:29

Gutted! Absolutely love the man and his books and am halfway through Ash at the moment. Sad to know I'll never read anything new by him again.

Phoenix Lazarus 20-03-2013 20:38

My Dad got me The Rats out of the library when I was nine, would you believe!? It didn't scar me-but it was quite an eye-opener, as I had never read anything like it before, at that age!

Didn't Herbert put back the date of publication of his last novel by some way? It seems we may now know the reason-ill-health.

NotaTypo 21-03-2013 00:36

Sad news. RIP.

My brother had The Rats when we were young and even the cover scared the bejeebus out of me.

Skaface 21-03-2013 05:00

Sad news indeed, as he has always been one of my favourite horror story authors.

I borrowed The Rats and The Lair from a friend when I was about 18 and read them both within a couple of days as I could not put them down. Not only were they brilliantly written, but they seemed all the more horrific to me as most of the locations were very close to where I lived at that time, so my imagination really did run riot and I gave Epping Forest a very wide berth for many years afterwards!

RIP James, you will be greatly missed.

tellywatcher73 21-03-2013 07:05

Genuinely shocked with this one! I'm halfway through one of his books just now.

dodger0703 21-03-2013 07:23

that bit where it said something like 'and as it turned, its two heads looked straight ahead' when i read that i almost shit myself

Yorkie47 21-03-2013 07:24

One of my favourite authors too. :(

loonattic 21-03-2013 10:53

bummer.the dark is my favourite book.i remember reading it for the first time in 1983 in bed late at night during s section where the heroes are attacked in a house by an evil force.i could feel my heart going it was that scary.

loracan 21-03-2013 11:06

I've read several of his books and thoroughly enjoyed them - the first being 'the rats' only a few years after it came out. Since then I've never been without a James Herbert novel on the bookshelf.

I found some are better than others, some terrifying, some heart-wrenching...and I think it fitting that he lived to see 'The Secret of Crickley Hall' adapted so well for the BBC.

Prilicla 21-03-2013 12:17

Liked his books especially The Rats and The Fog. RIP !

Dan Fortesque 21-03-2013 12:25

That's a bit of a shocker. I enjoyed some of his works but found others too gruesome for my liking. A good writer, though. RIP James Herbert.

Red Lady 21-03-2013 13:12

My favourite author, sad news :(

R.I.P. James :(

The Lost Boy 21-03-2013 13:42

Very sad to hear that. I think The Rats was the very first book i ever read.

RIP :(

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