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Digifriendly 23-03-2013 22:35

Divis signal down due to bad weather!
All Divis Freeview signals down tonight. Last night it was Black Mountain for a time. Must be the adverse weather.

Paddy C 23-03-2013 22:40

Just noticed this. Only thing I can watch is Saorview. So now I'm back to having just 6 channels and one of them is a +1...!

It's like the analogue days all over again!

Greebo 23-03-2013 22:41

From @bbconeni

Apologies for the loss of service. Engineers are working in atrocious conditions trying to restore #Freeview services for the east of NI.
( )

Paddy C 23-03-2013 23:43

Seems to be back up and running now for some...

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