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Dakota. 24-03-2013 00:04

AX Paris Sizes
Having a few nights out coming up, I found a perfect dress on the AX Paris website, but as I'd not ordered anything from them before, do their dress sizes generally come out bigger? :confused:

I'm between a size 10-12, usually take a size 10 on top in places like River Island or New Look, and a 12 everywhere else for jeans, etc.

Looking at the size guide, they run a tiny bit smaller than these places, is it wise to just go with the 12? :confused: It's 95% Viscose 5% Elastane, is that stretchy enough to go a size down? Thanks for any help.

Smithy1204 24-03-2013 00:50

I've only got one dress from there so I don't know what their dress sizes are like generally, but I'm the same size as you by the sound of it and I've got an AX Paris dress in size 12 which fits perfectly!

LaceyLouelle3 24-03-2013 00:57

My dress from them comes up quite big on me. I guess it depends on the fabric/style.

Dakota. 24-03-2013 09:20

Ok thank you :)

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