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Radiance26 24-03-2013 18:10

Garnier Moisture Match
Has anyone tried these?

If you log on to their website you can get a recommendation for your skin and they send you a free sample, I assumed it would be one sachet but it was 3 different ones which was good.

I tried the Dull skin one and its really nice! its not really a cream its more like a gel but its really soothing and kinda reminded me of a primer feel to it. I'm going to buy a pot when payday arrives :D

sweh 24-03-2013 18:36

Coincidentally, I bought two of these on a whim when they were on special in Superdrug!

I have Wake Me Up and Protect & Glow - they are quite good, I must admit. I'm waiting for summer to use it routinely as they're light moisturisers and I need something a heavier during winter.

Wake Me Up is the same one you're talking about for dull, lacklustre skin. This one is definitely my favourite. I love the citrus-y smell as well.
My skin is normally irritated whenever I slather on a new product, but nothing happened after testing these - hurrah!

Anyone who just read the OP, you ought take advantage of the free samples. They're nice moisturisers. Gwaaaan, do it! DO IT!

morecowbell 25-03-2013 06:33

Thanks for the heads up peeps. Ordered my free samples. I love a freebie! Thought it would be a mahoosive effort too but only took me a minute!

misslibertine 25-03-2013 16:31

Just ordered mine now. Got to love a free sample!

Fieldfare 25-03-2013 17:45

I'm in, ordered me a sample. Cheers R26!

Master Ozzy 20-04-2013 19:34

I got sent three samples...the one for normal skin, the one for dull skin and the one in the blue packaging I didn't find the one in the blue packaging very good. The other two I quite liked though, especially the one for dull skin. I really want to try the green one though. However, I went into Superdrug today to purchase one and I soon changed my mind when I saw the price!!! Way too expensive.

fizzycat 20-04-2013 20:46


Originally Posted by Master Ozzy (Post 65481501)
I soon changed my mind when I saw the price!!! Way too expensive.

If 5.99 is too expensive, can I ask how much you think is an okay price and what brand you normally use?

Radiance26 20-04-2013 22:41

I really love the orange one, I tend to only use a tiny bit so mine is lasting me quite long, I only use it once a day and use rosehip oil at night, I think 5.99 is quite a good price, I thought that was quite cheap to be honest :o I've been using Johnsons moisture cream which is around a fiver a pot so a pound extra doesnt really matter to me.

Beautiful_Harv 21-04-2013 16:31

well i got my free samples through. Normal, very dry and another one.
I have used them but they have left my skin horrible. :(
really tight and sore and flaky.

My skin had been alright for a while as well as i had been using the plain blue nivea and sudocrem sometimes. Now i feel like im back to square one. :(

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