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lewiep93 29-03-2013 10:01

Richard Griffiths dies aged 65
Just saw on twitter that Richard Griffiths has died aged 65 due to complications after heart surgery :(


Theo_Bear 29-03-2013 10:03

Sad news. Just flashed up on the BBC news site. No age at all. :(

eugenespeed 29-03-2013 10:08

Just heard this on the radio.

Sad news.

Daisy Bennyboots 29-03-2013 10:10

'Goodnight, Monty!'.

RIP Richard x

artlesschaos 29-03-2013 10:10

Oh! I have seen him in a couple of plays and he was always so great. Very sad news.

jonny84 29-03-2013 10:10

Very sad news.

Saw him at the theatre when he was in Equus - great actor.

Also be remembered for other parts such as the mad bishop in Vicar of Dibley and Pie In The Sky.

RIP Richard.

smilliekylie 29-03-2013 10:11

Oh no, who doesn't love Uncle Monty. Sad news indeed :(

Leicester_Hunk 29-03-2013 10:12

Having his pie in the sky now. That's a shame. RIP mate

soundcheck 29-03-2013 10:13

A versatile actor and one of the profession's nice guys - I don't think anyone has ever had a bad word to say about him. Quite a shock. He will be greatly missed.

ROWLING2010 29-03-2013 10:15

Oh no. Sad news. :(

Goaty 29-03-2013 10:15

Aww RIP, I still remember last time I saw him, he was brilliant in first ep of Episodes.

RIP Uncle Monty

J.R 29-03-2013 10:19

That is sad news - I've never seen the HP movies but loved him in 'Pie in The Sky'.

RyJa 29-03-2013 10:21

RIP Richard.

You were great as Uncle Vernon but masterful as Uncle Monty!!!

earthling13 29-03-2013 10:21

Lovely tweet by Sanuel West

"Very sad to lose Richard Griffiths. For such a giant, he was an actor of real delicacy."

lexi22 29-03-2013 10:22

This is really sad news. :(

RIP Mr Griffiths.

Withnail & I: Uncle Monty - the end of an age

c0lefax 29-03-2013 10:22

Oh dear, not seen him in much but he was excellent in one of my fav films, Withnail and I.

Mark. 29-03-2013 10:24

Very sad news. RIP.

Jo March 29-03-2013 10:27


Originally Posted by earthling13 (Post 65053472)
Lovely tweet by Sanuel West

"Very sad to lose Richard Griffiths. For such a giant, he was an actor of real delicacy."

I agree.


dee123 29-03-2013 10:28

:( Well that news sucks. R.I.P.

PaleHorse 29-03-2013 10:31

RIP to a great actor and a familiar face in TV/film.

dodger0703 29-03-2013 10:35

One of those actors who you knew you could rely on, always made me smile. Not been mentioned but he was great in The Naked Gun 2 1/2

Agent Krycek 29-03-2013 10:35

Sad news, fabulous actor and seemed a lovely guy as well - no age at all, RIP Richard

MJS 29-03-2013 10:38

Very sad news. We've lost some great actors this year.

Keyser Soze 29-03-2013 10:40

Sad, sad news. :(

I once saw Richard at a train station, he was getting off a train from Cumbria, so I felt I'd had a proper Withnail celeb spot.

Ads 29-03-2013 10:43

A really good actor, but someone who ultimately ate himself to death.

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