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Psycho_Kitty 30-03-2013 21:24

Will & Kate's baby name?
So what does everyone think will be top on the list for the Royals baby name? I think definitley traditional.

What do you make on the possible names on this link?

Betty Britain 30-03-2013 21:24

Geoff ...

mourinhosmissus 30-03-2013 21:31


quatro 30-03-2013 21:34


lexi22 30-03-2013 21:34



cazzz 30-03-2013 21:45

I think I read somewhere a while ago that Elizabeth was reserved a long time ago and Fergie was persuaded not to use it for her kids as it was kept for a direct line...

I think they will go traditional for the first baby, Charles or William...and Elizabeth or Victoria for a girl.

I don't expect a Britney or Brad in the list of names. Princess Chardonney or Prince Justin has a ring:eek:

Badcat 30-03-2013 21:46

Dave (cos everyone knows a Dave)


Hound of Love 30-03-2013 21:49


Betty Britain 30-03-2013 21:50

Shaniqua or Shaquile

Big Boy Barry 30-03-2013 21:51

Something elegant and worthy of a future king/queen

"Richard" or "Victoria" sounds about right.

Phyllis Stein 30-03-2013 21:56


jackbell 30-03-2013 22:00

Beryl, if it's a girl. I agree Kevin for a boy. Or Wayne. Wayne Windsor has a ring to it.

msmasood 30-03-2013 22:00

I think George for a boy after the Queens father and its also quite current. Maybe Alexandra for a girl.

Willow33 30-03-2013 22:03






Alex for boy or girl

twingle 30-03-2013 22:08

A girl has to have Diana in there somewhere

Eizabeth Victoria Diana

jackbell 30-03-2013 22:09

Dodi sounds nice.

Mr Teacake 30-03-2013 22:10


Cryolemon 30-03-2013 22:11


Originally Posted by twingle (Post 65086818)
A girl has to have Diana in there somewhere

Eizabeth Victoria Diana

I agree. A boy will probably have Charles and / or Phillip somewhere in the name.

pothuthic 30-03-2013 22:11

I'd lol if they picked something like Mercades :p

conchie 30-03-2013 22:14

My favourite for a girl is Alice after Philip's mum....though I suppose we have to remember they are naming not only a royal child, but a future sovereign, so the name would have to fit the status. Queen Alice...... sounds a bit weird. So... then... Victoria, Elizabeth, and of course Diana will have to fit in there somewhere.

George, James, Charles, Philip, and Michael (her dad) would have to be up there for a boy !

i think we can rule out Kylie and Jason !!

Betty Britain 30-03-2013 22:44

Grace is a lovely name

k0213818 30-03-2013 22:51

I'm fairly certain if it's a girl Diana will feature somewhere in the name, maybe not the first name but certainly as a middle name.

Jimmy Connors 30-03-2013 22:56


Originally Posted by Betty Britain (Post 65086473)
Shaniqua or Shaquile

:D:D ... Can't see it somehow Betty. :)

Ronnie or Reggie would be nice too ...

Betty Britain 30-03-2013 23:10


Originally Posted by Jimmy Connors (Post 65087592)
:D:D ... Can't see it somehow Betty. :)

Ronnie or Reggie would be nice too ...

What about James??;)

spookyLX 30-03-2013 23:13


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