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danny37 13-04-2013 10:24

Where do I start??
Morning all,

I haven't read comics since I was in my teens, I've wanted to start again but honestly don't know where to start...

I'm in my 40's now, I've always been a batman fan, judge Dredd, walking dead etc....

So I'm handing over to you..

Where do I start????


mred2000 13-04-2013 10:59

2000ad - either dead tree version or the iPad app os pretty good (if you've got an iPad, obviously). Cheaper than dead tree and back issues are easily acquired so you can quickly get up to speed. OR, Rebellion (publishers of 2000ad) have a massive collection of trade paperbacks available collecting all the Judge Dredd, Rogue Trooper etc etc stories together.

Walking Dead do a good number of trade paperback collections but I went the compendium route - pretty much 50 issues in each of the two compendiums currently available.

DC did a restart a couple of years ago so Batman and Detective Comics started at issue 1 again. Trade collections of the first few arcs are already available but the actual comics are easy to find as many places overstocked.

OR, if you have Android or iOS at all, hit up ComiXology. Brilliant digital service, regularly has sales but the comics on there tend to be cheaper than dead tree versions anyway. Lots of collections as well as free issues to get you going and they don't take up the space that 'X' years of collecting brings (15 comic boxes and counting, here...) :D

danny37 13-04-2013 11:11

Cheers Ed,

Seriously considering buying the WD compendium, love the show but still wanna read it. Have both iPad and android pad so will check out your suggestions..


grassmarket 13-04-2013 17:07

I like Dark Horse online as well - they also have fairly regular sales. They specialise a bit in movie spin-offs - Star Wars, Aliens, Terminator etc, but have a ot of other stuff.

AdzPower 13-04-2013 18:32

I would start with the new 52 when it comes to Batman, was essentially a reboot for the DC universe and Batman started again as well, I think the first two volumes are out, other great books I recommend are The Long Halloween and it's sequel Dark Victory, amazing set of books.
As well as Batman Year One, a great origin story for the Batman, well written and interesting art.

The Walking Dead compendium would be great for you, I've seen the first two in Waterstones and both are massive and full of issues. Probably cheaper online though, as almost all books are. If you want to get them gradually though the trade paperbacks are super cheap, but obviously don't hold as many issues, plus I believe that all the front covers join up to make one big picture!

danny37 13-04-2013 18:38

Yea I've ordered the first WD companion from Amazon for 28 notes as opposed to 45 in Forbidden planet, plus bought Über and detective comics issue 19 this afternoon, signed upto comixology as well today so things progressing well lol


zwixxx 13-04-2013 19:17

Methinks it will be easier on your wallet that if you're planning on following any of the Batman New52 series (of which there are many - Batman, Detective, Legends, Dark Knight, and more), well, if you're gonna do that then follow at Compilation/Compendium pace (about 6 months behind normal time)

mred2000 13-04-2013 19:47


Originally Posted by zwixxx (Post 65355562)
...well, if you're gonna do that then follow at Compilation/Compendium pace (about 6 months behind normal time)

I was thinking that when I mentioned the New 52 stuff, too. Good thing is that ComiXology tends to deal with collections almost automatically as soon as an arc is done with. Coz of that I tend to hold off on stuff I'm buying on there until the collections are done... sometimes that also coincides with a sale weekend so it's all good :D

zwixxx 18-04-2013 12:48

^wish I'd thought of doing this... darn it - though it is kinda nice getting that weekly comic delivery :)

Yobaba** 18-04-2013 19:40

Yeah, definitely the DC new 52. You can start with Batman, which is fantastic.:) And there are many other titles that tie in to that such as Nightwing, Batgirl, and others which also are fairly well regarded. The DC world rebooted in 2011, so its a really good time for new readers to hop on board, and you can do so with pretty much any of titles. I personally recommend Wonder Woman, and Aquaman, besides Batman, because both of those are very good.

There is also the new Marvel Now which is even more recent, although that wasn't a reboot, so it's a bit harder to get into than the DC stuff. But a lot of its still very good and fairly good for new readers too.

AaronEmmett 28-04-2013 10:35

Start of course with something you like a lot even before. :)

danny37 28-04-2013 10:42

For what ever reason I've turned into a Green Lantern fan lol

mred2000 28-04-2013 11:44


Originally Posted by danny37 (Post 65606764)
For what ever reason I've turned into a Green Lantern fan lol

Ah well, someone has to! :D

I think there are a couple of GL fans on here, actually...

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