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Fatsia 29-04-2013 14:00

Stephen Mulhern - likeable?
He's a relatively attractive man with a cheery disposition, but I just don't warm to him at all. On paper, he ticks all the right boxes, but when it's all put together I find him charmless. He seems to be everywhere recently - covering for Jamie Theakston on the radio, the BGT sidekick show, now Catchphrase, as well as the stuff he does on CBBC - and he's getting on my nerves!

What do you think? Anybody really like him?

Betty Britain 29-04-2013 14:09

I think he is a decent bloke but at times try's way to hard to come across as likeable..maybe if he relaxed a bit that would ease off

Sloopy 29-04-2013 14:09

He is Phillip Schofield Mk II. Which is not a good thing.

KidPoker 29-04-2013 14:18


modeyink 29-04-2013 14:18

I made him coffee and a toasted sandwich once. /random fact

He's all right. I find him quite amusing on BGMT (although I haven't watched it this year yet, so who knows how he is now). He's a bit dry on Catchphrase. Don't watch anything else he's in. He doesn't exactly fill me with viewing pleasure but I don't feel the need to switch off when I watch him either. *shrug*

Dave0893 29-04-2013 14:41

I like him, think he is great on BGMT and Catchphrase.

holyfreakinmoly 29-04-2013 15:46

I cant bear him, met him once after being in the audience of BGT audtions, my friend wanted a pic with him but he wouldnt oblige, Ant and Dec on the otherhand were fab.

Kapellmeister 29-04-2013 15:58

Can't stand him.

Vodka_Drinka 29-04-2013 16:23

I used to like him on Dancing on Ice: Defrosted. Not so sure about Catchphrase, he keeps on pinching Roy Walkers old catchphrases like "Say what you see", and "its good but its not right" instead of thinking up his own.

Butterface 29-04-2013 16:32

He was on Celebrity Juice not long ago and seemed like a good laugh.

Blue Eyed lady 29-04-2013 17:03

Just something that I can't put my finger on that doesn't make me warm to him.

Pink Knight 29-04-2013 17:49

Don't mind him, wish I watched Ministry of Mayhem more.
He relies too much on being patronizing to people with a screw loose on BGMT though.

Fizgig 29-04-2013 18:23

I don't trust any bloke who plucks his eyebrows

Microkorg 29-04-2013 18:25

All stage school eyes & teeth

paperplanes_ 29-04-2013 18:31

He seems alright. I've always been fairly indifferent to him

Spider Rico 29-04-2013 18:47

Smug prat. So, no.

davidnumen 29-04-2013 18:53

He - and TPTB - try too hard to make us like him but he's just pretty bland and...well that's it. There really doesn't seem to be anything to him.

ratty0 29-04-2013 19:16

He seems a bit false. Like he tries to hard to be enthusiastic and I find him a bit smarmy. Just basing this on his TV appearances as I obviously don't know the guy!

Not one of my favourite presenters though. I think he reminds me of an estate agent or something.

freaky_friday 29-04-2013 19:19

He always seemed to be more comfortable doing magic (which was why he was hired for kids TV in the first place) but I just don't like his presenting style. Still at bit CITV for me!

Sloopy 29-04-2013 19:25

He seems to have been around for years but hasn't really progressed. Destined to remain within the vaults of lightweight ITV 'variety'.

beefymonster 29-04-2013 19:33

I quite like Mulhearn. I like him on BGMT but I haven't watched the new catchphrase

jackbell 29-04-2013 19:56

He's just a bit old school for me. He reminds me of Brian Dowling. I think he'd be okay on Strictly one day.

FM Lover 29-04-2013 20:26

Very good at what's he does, likeable guy and funny.

Hootie 30-04-2013 06:36

I love Stephen Mulhern, I think he's so funny & should have his own comedy show.

james_waters 30-04-2013 06:50

A friend who is senior cabin crew for British Airway said that he was on her flight back to the UK with his boyfriend. Lovely & very friendly posing for pictures etc.

I just find him very boring on TV. He just doesn't seem to grab me

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