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darkjedimaster 22-05-2013 14:55

RIP Mick Mcmanus
Mick McManus, one of the top stars of wrestling in the 1960s and 1970s, has died aged 93.

RIP :(

jiroos 22-05-2013 14:59

I remember Mick vividly growing up...RIP

Eddie Badger 22-05-2013 15:07

Luckily for him, my gran never got her hands on him. We all watched the wrestling and loved it when Mick was on because of my gran's antics. She'd spend Saturday afternoon shouting abuse at the telly and telling him what she'd do to him :)

RIP Mick, you provided us with lots of entertainment.

offtotheraces 22-05-2013 15:07

I'm unfamiliar with Mick McManus, as far as I know, but 93 is a jolly good age to reach. I hope his passing was peaceful.

Brass Drag0n 22-05-2013 15:17

Ah, 1970's World of Sport.

He was a designated "baddie" in UK wrestling - I remember grannies in the front row getting very agitated when he was "cheating".

Betty Britain 22-05-2013 15:23

I remember watching wrestling every Saturday tea time with my family on ITV sports .. Mick was a "baddie" and we loved to boo him ...
Just heard on talk sport his wife died earlier this year and Mick was so upset by her death he practically pined to sad

R.I.P. MICK McMANUS ..thanks for many childhood memories

cunningham1471 22-05-2013 15:41

Sad news. :(

The word "Legend" gets thrown around so much these days it means nothing, but Mick was a true legend in British wrestling.

R.I.P Mick.... You are one of the reasons I became a wrestling fan.

TracerTong 22-05-2013 16:24

Vivid memories of Saturday afternoons watching this.

R.I.P. Mick
Another light from my childhood gone :(

hornbeam 22-05-2013 16:28

RIP Mick McManus :(

Pink Knight 22-05-2013 16:35

Blimey, another figure from my childhood gone.
93 is a good age. Wonder if his hair was still jet black when he died ?

HaloJoe 22-05-2013 16:37

Before my time, but my Grandparents loved him, often talked to me about the 'good ol' days' of wrestling (as a massive fan of wrestling now i was interested to hear stories about 'back in the day' wrestling).

RIP Mick.

rionia 22-05-2013 20:41

brings back memories.

Kendo Nagasaki
Big Daddy
Giant Haystacks

ags_rule 22-05-2013 20:48

Sad to hear, one of the true legend's of British wrestling. Alongside several others played an immeasurably important role in Britain's love with wrestling that continues to this day (albeit nothing on World of Sport levels of local popularity).

konebyvax 22-05-2013 20:54


Originally Posted by rionia (Post 66022648)
brings back memories.

Kendo Nagasaki
Big Daddy
Giant Haystacks

Not to mention Jackie Pallo, The Royal Brothers and my absolute favourite, Les Kellett :D They were salad days and the legendary Kent Walton, bless him, seemed like the only adult who thought it was 'real' :D Doesn't matter how scripted it was, for a very young kid like me Saturday afternoons were a thing of wonder.

RIP Mick Mcmanus. 93, what an innings.

Jimmy Connors 22-05-2013 21:54

I met Mick briefly (and Steve Logan) many moons ago. A gentleman.

Rest in peace Mick. :(

nw0307 23-05-2013 11:16

Just lately there have been a few deaths where I thought the person had died years ago. This is one of them, and also the guy from Hi De Hi this week. Is it just me or am I in some kind of timewarp? Anyway, RIP to both

Birdsworth 23-05-2013 11:30

RIP, Mick.

Glad this thread is in Showbiz, where it belongs. He was a great entertainer, and knew exactly how to give the public what they wanted to see.

LION8TIGER 23-05-2013 12:24

RIP Mick 'the man we loved to hate'.

IRITALIA 23-05-2013 14:50

A legend from those family Saturdays. :(

Val_Beam 23-05-2013 14:55

I'm old enough to remember mick,great entertainment back in the day.RIP Mick.

slappers r us 23-05-2013 17:03

many good memories of sitting with the family on a Saturday afternoon

mother swearing at him, Gran losing her teeth through shouting at him, dad waiting for the results for the Pools coupon
brothers trying to copy Micks Irish whip and forearm smash on each other and me sitting with a packet of Tudor tomato sauce crisps and a glass of Fentimans dandelion and burdock

habby 23-05-2013 17:04

I still remember him from the 1970's.

I didn't even realise he was 93!! :eek:

jules1000 23-05-2013 17:16

Rip. Lived a long life.:)

If I reach 93 I will be happy.

workhorse 23-05-2013 17:21

As kids,on a Saturday we would mimic nick mc manus.great fun.

Eurostar 28-05-2013 00:54


Originally Posted by habby (Post 66035725)
I still remember him from the 1970's.

I didn't even realise he was 93!! :eek:

I didn't realise he was that age either. He must have been well into his fifties when wrestling was in it's heyday on TV (and incredibly fit for his age) :)

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