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EStaffs90 21-06-2013 18:39

Songs with a "Q" in the title
There's a thread in this section for song titles with either an "X" or a "Z" in their title and I thought that "Q" would have been less used. We were also having a debate at work about this and I will give the only three examples we could think of as examples.

-> Dancing Queen - Abba
-> Earthquake - Labrinth featuring Tinie Tempah
-> Map Of The Problematique - Muse

And now I pass this onto you, DSers. Can you name any more?

Scraggy Taters 21-06-2013 21:46

I'll have a go !!
Start with an 'A' for..

Acquiesce - Oasis

There's a few that have the 'Q' tucked away in the title.

Jimmy Connors 21-06-2013 23:08

Not too sure I understand this, but ............

A Banquet for Ghosts - Matthew Mayfield

Sex 21-06-2013 23:10

Alphabeticallly or not :D??....don't want to be told off again :o

Baby Te Quiero - Belinda

Terrence Chant 22-06-2013 07:30

Just in case ;)

Chequered Love - Kim Wilde

EStaffs90 22-06-2013 15:47


Originally Posted by Sex (Post 66568030)
Alphabeticallly or not :D??....don't want to be told off again :o

Don't worry, you won't be (I'm nice like that). But there's no need for it to be in alphabetical order.

daleman 22-06-2013 16:25

Mister Class And Quality - Gentle Giant

dearmrman 22-06-2013 16:34

Question of U - Prince
A Question of Lust & A Question of Time - Depeche Mode

daleman 22-06-2013 16:40

Baby I'm Amazed - Raghav

Jimmy Connors 22-06-2013 17:21

Queer ~ Garbage

Electra 22-06-2013 17:30

Killer Queen - Queen

Beauty Queen - Roxy Music

Scraggy Taters 22-06-2013 17:45


Originally Posted by EStaffs90 (Post 66577529)
Don't worry, you won't be (I'm nice like that). But there's no need for it to be in alphabetical order.

Sorry for the confusion folks.
I'll put it right and just post a randomer. :o

Statuesque - Sleeper

daleman 22-06-2013 18:57

Antique Sandy - The Byrds

Scraggy Taters 22-06-2013 20:34

Lazy Days - Robbie Williams

Jimmy Connors 22-06-2013 21:37

Queen for A Day ~ Donna Summer

daleman 23-06-2013 09:18

Quaint Affair - Beangrowers

EStaffs90 23-06-2013 13:31


Originally Posted by daleman (Post 66578347)
Baby I'm Amazed - Raghav


Originally Posted by Scraggy Taters (Post 66584810)
Lazy Days - Robbie Williams

Neither of those have "Q" in the title. Off to the "Songs with an 'X' or 'Z'" thread with ye.

daleman 23-06-2013 13:35


The Exquisite Machinery Of Torture - Meshuggah

Electra 23-06-2013 13:46

Chequered Love - Kim Wilde

Masquerade - The Skids

kernow1953 23-06-2013 19:09

Isn't It Quiet And Cold - Gentle Giant

Multimedia81 23-06-2013 19:51

Quiet Life ~ Japan

Electra 24-06-2013 00:31

Be Quick Or Be Dead - Iron Maiden

Terrence Chant 24-06-2013 06:49

50ft Queenie - PJ Harvey

daleman 24-06-2013 08:44

I Can't Quit - T.I.

harry*half*pint 24-06-2013 08:47

Jackie Collins Existential Question Time - Manic Street Preachers

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