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Maxwell44 11-07-2013 20:39

Is Tulisa the new Cheryl?
It seems to me the media always have to have one person fitting into a certain role. We had Cheryl Cole, famous for once being a singer, then famous for, well, being famous (stuff about her private life, paparazzi snaps in the trash mags all the time, etc). People more or less forgot she was once a singer and she became known as a 'celebrity'. The Cheryl thing was done to death, magazines saturated for years with photos every week, the tabloids too, appearing on TV shows, books written by her and so on (well, she didn't write them but she claims she did).

The UK seemed to be tiring of Cheryl in this role later on and needed someone knew. Cheryl was in her late-20's by then too. Who could the media promote to the level of the nation's sweetheart, media savvy, etc? Step forward Tulisa. She is 6 years younger than Cheryl (I think). Cheryl is now 30 which is old in the eyes of many. Tulisa is, I believe, 24. So Tulisa now has that crown which Cheryl once had and Cheryl is heard about less and less nowadays. These things go in cycles and just think there is some girl out there who might not be known at all, yet, who is like 17 or 19 years old today, and the baton will pass to her once the media are done with Tulisa, everyone is bored with Tulisa, and once Tulisa gets too old, and this girl will be super-famous. It's a funny world. Do people think Tulisa wears the crown as well as Cheryl did, or did you prefer Cheryl in that role?

benjamini 11-07-2013 20:40

Is this showbizzzzzz?

agrainofsand 11-07-2013 20:43

I just want Tulisa to go away. Forever.

Andrue 11-07-2013 20:43


Originally Posted by benjamini (Post 67007536)
Is this showbizzzzzz?

I hope the mods move this thread soon. There's enough crap in GD already without gormless 'celeb' gossip :(

agrainofsand 11-07-2013 20:45

Billy must be offline.

This threads been here for 6 minutes now.

benjamini 11-07-2013 20:47


Originally Posted by Andrue (Post 67007612)
I hope the mods move this thread soon. There's enough crap in GD already without gormless 'celeb' gossip :(

Showbiz, 20 threads of bitchfest against easy targets and 2 fine decent thoughtful threads.:D

SJ_Mental 11-07-2013 20:51

No Biffa hits people Tulisa brokers drug deals bit of a difference surely?

Raarraar 11-07-2013 20:52

If there is any justice in this world, Tulisa won't be releasing any more awful music for a good couple of years. Well unless HMP service has installed recording studios...

Maxwell44 11-07-2013 20:58

Tulisa apparently wanted to be a singer more than anything else, and she buddied-up with her cousin and their friend and formed N-Dubz. They credited her cousin Dappy's dad with helping them along the way and after he died they recorded a song about him. I imagine they anticipated the band to go on for many years. But when the TV panel shows and trash mags come knocking and offer people deals to appear, then the singing career gets forgotten and Tulisa then elevates herself up to the level of celebrity rather than star. Someone who is famous for being famous, rather than famous for having a career she is known for (singing, acting, writing, or whatever). I think it is because of the media's focus on Tulisa now than Cheryl has kind of disappeared. They both occupied/occupy the same role in society.

jenzie 11-07-2013 21:16



Caldari 11-07-2013 21:19

Given the overwhelming importance of this situation to the well-being of the nation as a whole I was going to type out a rather long-winded reply outlining the pros and cons of each point. However, it's pretty warm here and I have mead to quaff, so I'll just answer this most intellectual of queries with a short and simple video response.

Maxwell44 11-07-2013 21:23

In answer to my OP, I would say Tulisa IS the new Cheryl. I wonder if Cheryl ever considers that her waning popularity is down to someone else, Tulisa, stealing her crown.

I've always thought Cheryl is very pretty, but she is very skinny. Quite a nice bum, but the rest of her is very lean. Tulisa on the other hand has a really nice shape, curves in all the right places and an amazingly toned stomach! Wow!

earthling13 11-07-2013 21:31

If you mean two talentlesss, here today gone tomorrow, non-entities, yes.

BadLadAsh 11-07-2013 22:05

Cheryl is lovely....

DavetheScot 11-07-2013 23:27

I think Tulisa has ruined her chances, to be honest. But then it seemed Cheryl might have too after her assault case, yet her career not only survived but grew and prospered.

loracan 12-07-2013 11:30

Tulisa makes Cheryl look quite classy.

Like A Star 12-07-2013 11:44


Originally Posted by agrainofsand (Post 67007605)
I just want Tulisa to go away. Forever.

Same. :(

zx50 12-07-2013 11:51

Tulisa's a good looking lass but unfortunately, she's now caught the 'I have decided to go on a diet because I think I'm too weighty' trend. There was absolutely nothing wrong with her before. Tulisa was nice and curvy before. I think she's very close to Cheryl in terms of looks.

Homer Smith 12-07-2013 20:17


Originally Posted by agrainofsand (Post 67007605)
I just want Tulisa to go away. Forever.

OMG me too!!!!

Sara Webb 12-07-2013 20:22

One Cheryl is more than enough, and one Tulisa is too many.

Maxwell44 12-07-2013 20:26

Someone mentioned Cheryl's Court Case, when she beat up that woman in the toilets in a nightclub. She got a light sentence but had she have been sent to prison she would have been sacked from Girls Aloud and would have disappeared without a trace after that. She had only been famous for about a year and was not nearly as famous as she became later. It's funny how things go, had that have happened she would have been gone from the limelight and would probably now be living in a small flat in Newcastle and working as a hotel receptionist or something. Catching the bus home next to lots of other ordinary people - not one of whom would realise that the person next to them would have been Britain's most famous woman but for a small turn of events. One little thing in life can change everything.

Hollie_Louise 12-07-2013 20:37


Originally Posted by earthling13 (Post 67009424)
If you mean two talentlesss, here today gone tomorrow, non-entities, yes.

I don't think you can really attribute a "here today, gone tomorrow" label to Cheryl, she has had a very successful 10+ year career, I don't really think she can be called talentless either, ok she doesn't have the strongest voice but she does have a nice tone and she is a brilliant dancer

Tulisa, although not having been around as long, she has been around for 6ish years

LW09 12-07-2013 20:48

I think it goes back to Tulisa being Cheryl's replacement on X Factor, and with them looking quite similar and having a similar background the press and the public caught onto it at first and just accepted it.

Fast forward a year and Tulisa was exposed as having a millionaire father (and so didn't have the same background people thought she had), her music was truly awful, failing to chart high despite being promoted on X Factor, the sex tape leak, and now the cocaine thing. She has become a bit of a laughing stock which never happened to Cheryl. Whilst Cheryl has a lot of fans and at one point seemed untouchable, she still has her detractors but doesn't seem to generate anywhere near the same level of hate as Tulisa does. And a lot of anti-Cheryl comments were due to overexposure.

There was the expectation of her being the new Cheryl, and she probably could have been, but ultimately poor management and has insistence to be "real" has ruined her and her career.

AndyB2007 13-07-2013 00:22


Originally Posted by agrainofsand (Post 67007605)
I just want Tulisa to go away. Forever.

Can she take Emeli Sande and Geordie Shore with her?:D

Declan_Khan 13-07-2013 01:01

If you mean that they were low class young women given great opportunity who let it go to their head until their little bubbles burst when opportunity stopped knocking and people started to get tired of their attitudes and arguable "talent", then yes, Tulisa is the new Cheryl since Tulisa has stated N-Dubz will reform just as Girls Aloud did. Oh, also they both share an affection for black men who later publicly embarrass them, although Cheryl got off light since Ashley was the one sending pictures of his penis to girls he met in Chinawhite and having sex with other women while it was Tulisa who had her oral sexploits uploaded to the internet.

So yeah, you have a solid argument in that way.

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