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Pfrancis 13-09-2013 05:56

Films you liked back then,but find embarrassing to watch now
I started this thread because I watched "The Crow" the other night for the first time since its release.Loved it back then but now I wonder why.
What about yourselves...don't be shy ;)

dodger0703 13-09-2013 06:28

Footloose, well I was young when I first watched it:o

intruder2k 13-09-2013 08:02

Goonies, hasn't held up well at all.

MikeySaint859 13-09-2013 08:02

The Tall Guy. The start of the Hell known as Richard Curtis RomComs.

Crocodile Dundee aged badly, quickly.

Grabid Rannies 13-09-2013 08:09

I can't believe now that I saw (and enjoyed) American Pie in the cinema at the time. It seems over the past decade that I have grown to no longer find farts and spunk funny :(

Takae 13-09-2013 09:40


I still watch it every other year for giggles, though. Especially for the bit where they ooh and aah over her 28.8 kbps modem, the fastest at the time.

Trsvis_Bickle 13-09-2013 11:04

Star Wars (or whatever they're calling it these days). I thought it was a fantastic film at the time but with hindsight, the acting and dialogue are laughable.:o

kippeh 13-09-2013 11:06

Avatar. It's pretty painful to watch now, but I loved it at the time.

Old.Tallen 13-09-2013 13:28

Flashdance.....oh dear:o

yaristaman 13-09-2013 16:38

When I was a kid there were three films I must have rented out enough times to keep a small video store in business for years: Octopussy, A View To A Kill and........Teen Wolf Too. I effing loved those films.

Recently, I watched Teen Wolf Too on Five. Oh sweet jesus. What. A. Pile. Of. Crap. Cannot for the life of me see what I enjoyed about it. I was aware of the reviews and it's general standing in the history of bad cinema way back when but only now as an adult do I see it for the truly ghastly experience that it is.

Still love Octopussy and AVTAK though ;)

Ancient IDTV 13-09-2013 16:54

The Star Trek films, along with the Star Trek TNG tv series. I used to be a fan of those, and saw a few of the films at the cinema. I cannot be bothered with them now. I hardly watched DS9 or any later series, so they don't come into it.

Having said that, there are still plenty of episodes from the original '60s tv series that I do still enjoy watching.

bbclassics 13-09-2013 18:06

Dirty Dancing

High School Musical (I was about 13 though in my defence)

Knocked Up

Eragon ( I only really watched it to see the hot Ed Speleers tbh)

yorkieUK 13-09-2013 18:17

Rocky IV

I took my Son to see it at the cinema a good few years ago when it first came out. Number 4 in the series had the story of Rocky avenging the death of his friend Apollo by fighting the big bad Russian guy in Siberia on Christmas Day for no money! Ridiculous storyline of course but enjoyable nonsense all the same. What made it fun at the time was seeing the cinema crowd get really into it by jumping out of their seats cheering Rocky when he fought back and booing the bad Russian when he beat on the hero. The crowd was going bonkers! I was one of those people! :)

I saw the film on TV last week. Oh dear! What a load of old cobblers! :o But still, it brought back a few good memories!

NorfolkBoy1 13-09-2013 18:18

Hudson Hawk - 11 year old me thought this was one of the greatest movies ever, I didn't know anything about movie reviews at that age. I haven't watched it in 20 years, so I don't want to sully what memories I have.

RebelScum 13-09-2013 18:30

Highlander. Still a great story, the film has not aged well at all though.

mialicious 13-09-2013 18:38

Breakdance 2: electric boogaloo

lola_skye 13-09-2013 18:41

Spice world but I was too young to know any different

Andy Birkenhead 13-09-2013 23:05

I thought it was brilliant when it first came out, but now...ugh !
The way Phoebe Cates acts like a 12 year old, telling Billy to "Cross your T's" when he signed something (a cheque I think it was)
The stupid hairstyle and hairband worn by Phoebe Cates
Zach Galligan
The pantomime villainess
The pathetic "Christmas story from her childhood" told by Phoebe Cates

Aneechik 13-09-2013 23:28


downtonfan 13-09-2013 23:38


Originally Posted by intruder2k (Post 68636070)
Goonies, hasn't held up well at all.

What the actual eff?!

Still love it after 20 years.

fhs man 2 14-09-2013 00:03

High School Musical 1 and 2.

quirkyquirk 14-09-2013 01:19

The Good,The Bad and The Ugly

Just way too campy and over the top.I just roll my eyes at how ridiculous it is now.

Old.Tallen 14-09-2013 06:05


Originally Posted by mialicious (Post 68645084)
Breakdance 2: electric boogaloo

Oh dear god, i also liked Condorman....:o

Brummy Girl 14-09-2013 10:15

Mannequin. I loved it when I was a kid then I saw it again a few years ago for the first time since the 80s and realised the film was awful

Similar thing with Supergirl, loved it as a kid, hated it as a adult

-GONZO- 14-09-2013 11:40


Originally Posted by intruder2k (Post 68636070)
Goonies, hasn't held up well at all.

:eek: Go wash your mouth out.

Garbage Pail Kids I loved when I was a kid, only lasted about 10 mins when we saw it on Netflix with a 'What the hell is this' from my kids:o

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