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julie2009 13-09-2013 16:05

Films That Make You Sad Everytime You Have To Watch Them
I still can't to this day watch the last scene in Watership Down when the little rabbit dies and even the music Bright Eyes by
Art Garfunkel gets to me every time.

Lion King - when Musafa dies in the herd of buffalos which was deliberately started by his brother Scar.

A.I. - the scene when the little boy asks the good fairy can he spend one day with his deceased mum.

Casper - the scene when Bill Paxton's wife appears to him and tells him he has looked after their daughter well.
Even the music in that scene makes you fill up

Imitiation of Life - when the daughter of the black lady runs after her mum's funeral procession crying mum.

Maybe it is just me being soppy but these films always tend to pull at the heart

IWasBored 13-09-2013 18:24

Brief Encounter
The Awakenings
What Dreams May Come
Lost In Translation
The Land Before Time
Watership Down

Old.Tallen 13-09-2013 19:18

Too many to list if im honest.

It more certain moments than the film that has the effect, however, if I had to pick one thats just sad throughout, it would be Watership Down.

Brummy Girl 13-09-2013 20:28

The last few minutes of ET just before he goes home when he has that last chat with Elliott: (ET points his finger at Elliott's heart) "I'll be right here"


ShotMarvin1 13-09-2013 20:54

The Green Mile. Good grief I cried like a baby at the end of that!

lola_skye 13-09-2013 21:49

I am legend never fails to make me cry when Samantha dies

Moboloco 13-09-2013 22:34


Originally Posted by lola_skye (Post 68651812)
I am legend never fails to make me cry when Samantha dies

Since that movie I deliberately avoid any movie I suspect may have something similar to I am Legend in, it was a awful scene that upset me... yet I know it was needed for the story.
I watched a movie the other day at the cinema that had a similar scene in that I wasn't expecting....


^^ That was almost as bad as I am Legends scene, the worst thing was I just knew it was coming.

I concur with Watership Down & The Green Mile too.
I'd also add The Snowman & Gladiator. My partner always cries during a certain bit in Blood diamond.

Pucky 14-09-2013 00:18

I used to work for Odeon so saw loads of films - the end of Philadelphia makes me cry, and so does Neil Young's "Philadelphia" which is used at this point.

The end of Schindler's List when they're putting the stones on Schindler's grave.

Dumbledore's death in Harry Potter makes me sob.

And, I'll admit to this one reluctantly, where Goose dies in Top Gun!

intruder2k 14-09-2013 07:50

Grave of the Fireflies is the true king of upsetting films.

nittynattynoo 14-09-2013 08:38

My girl - "put his glasses on he can't see without his glasses" :-(
Marley & me - cried before but Won't be able to watch now my dog was Pts
The snowman - sets me off everytime the boys the expression and how he sinks to the floor.
Grandpa - another Raymond Briggs story/cartoon film. Very sad and as a child my mum told me the grandpa was hiding behind the chair when the granddaughter goes back to his house when he has passed away. Was only when I was older I started to understand the story properly :-(

Philidelphia the ending gets me everytime
Beaches :-(

Blimey there are quite a few

jeff_vader 14-09-2013 09:25


Originally Posted by intruder2k (Post 68659314)
Grave of the Fireflies is the true king of upsetting films.

Damn. Beaten to it :). I was going to say, for the troika of movies-you-want-to-slit-your-wrists-after, hard to beat a triple bill of Grave of Fireflies, When The Wind Blows and Threads.

The only two movies I love that I find intrinsically sad are Vertigo and Brief Encounter; must be the unrequited love :D.

But for great sad moments that never fail to bring a lump to my throat or make me cry like a baby every time:

ET - ending; 'ouch', Drew Barrymore

Truly Madly Deeply - Stevenson's snotty bawling.

TWOK - Spock's death; Kirk's 'I feel...young'

Imitation of Life - Mahalia Jackson's funeral gospel

Inn Of The Sixth Happiness - that last scene with Ingrid Bergman and Robert Donat (gets me every time); Bergman taking kids over Chinese (welsh) mountains (it's the music).

The King & I - that bloody 'Something Wonderful' song; Yul's death scene.

Carousel - 'You'll Never Walk Alone'

Platoon - Elias' death.

Blade Runner - Batty's death.

nittynattynoo 14-09-2013 09:53

If anyone has a spare 30 mins "Grandpa"

Think watching it back now it made me very emotional as both my granddads were like this, full of imagination, endless stories, lots of cuddles, pottered about in the garden with them and the dogs.... And then they were gone :-(

dee123 14-09-2013 15:49

The Land Before Time because of "If We Hold On Together" Yeah, i know. So sappy. Damn you Diana Ross! :D

goonernatalie 14-09-2013 17:09


grimtales1 14-09-2013 17:52

The end of the Snowman when the Snowman melts/dies :cry: So bittersweet :(

Takae 14-09-2013 19:33

A 1960s film about a girl and her donkey. Edited: Au Hasard Balthazar (1966) Do not watch this if you can't tolerate systemic cruelty to women and animals. It's likely to leave you feeling frustrated, depressed and sad.

Children... (2006)

Kes (1969)

Blue Spring (2001)
(the sick boy, the ending, and the baseball player when the Baseball song comes on; the lyrics almost killed me)

Come and See (1985)
(probably the bleakest and saddest war film around)

Go Now (1995)
(one of Robert Carlyle's best performances, too)

Die Brücke (The Bridge) (1959)
(another sad, bleak war film)

003mikey 15-09-2013 06:02

The ending of Planes Trains & Automobiles.

Barbra 15-09-2013 08:04

The final scene (again) of Brokeback Mountain.

There is a series of scenes that are key to the final revelation and show how deceptive is the telling of this story, how subtly the thing is put together. I'm not going to apologize for discussing them, because I don't think it will ruin anything: even though I knew what was coming at the end, it was still like being hit in the gut. In one of their early roughhouses on the mountain, Jack gives Ennis a bloody nose, and then stanches the bleeding with his own shirt; Ennis' shirt, of course, is bloody as well. Later, as they are packing to leave, Ennis makes an offhand remark, almost lost in the activity, that he can't believe he left that shirt behind on the mountain. When he visits Jack's parents, he discovers Jack's shirt in a narrow space behind the closet, bloodstains and all, with his shirt inside, "the pair like two skins, one inside the other, two in one." We see the first crack in Ennis, no temper, no violence, just unfathomable sadness as he clutches the shirts to him as though he could take them inside himself. The final scene, in Ennis' trailer, reveals the shirts on a hanger inside the closet door, next to a postcard of Brokeback Mountain, Ennis' shirt now on the outside, holding Jack's shirt safe: the closet door has become a shrine. Then we see Ennis' face, barely hear his whisper, an almost silent cry from deep in a well of infinite loss.

Source :

quirkyquirk 15-09-2013 11:53

Casualties Of War - many parts of it

Gellymiss 15-09-2013 13:09

Sophie's Choice. As a mother, it makes me incredibly sad to think there was once a time where your children could be snatched away from you and be completely powerless to do anything.

Michael_Eve 15-09-2013 13:33

It's A Wonderful Life - Young George being hit by his traumatised boss and then later his despair as he sees the effect of his not having existed; in pieces every time regardless of the fact that I know it turns out okay!

junnja 15-09-2013 14:06

I cry at nearly everything. It's my age. lol.

But for me:
Forest Gump.
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.

And many others.

ChrissieAO 15-09-2013 17:42

Got to be Dances With Wolves, followed by War Horse and White Fang...all of them have me blubbing big time...

bbclassics 15-09-2013 18:47

My Dog Skip
I remember crying at that film as a kid.

Also Marley and Me

Trsvis_Bickle 15-09-2013 21:11


Originally Posted by junnja (Post 68681079)
I cry at nearly everything. It's my age. lol.

But for me:
Forest Gump.
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.

And many others.

This one always gets my wife tearing up but I don't really see it myself. Must have another watch.

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